Tile around window in shower... How to fix/finish the job?

MerkxJanuary 29, 2014

Bathroom is being redone by contractor and the window in the shower has me very concerned (see attached picture). The tile was installed on the wall with the window and now, they are trying to figure out how to finish it around the window.

I was told the tile would butt up against a 3/4 inch wide wood framing wrapped in PVC. I would have thought that would have been in place before the tile.

I'm worried about waterproofing as well as the look of the finished product. I do not want the window framing to stand out.

Do I have reason to be concerned? How would you recommend finishing this window?

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Caulk the open joint around the window with Schluter Kerdi Fix. Then tile a border around the window. Caulk the space between the tile lip and window with silicon caulk that matches your tile or grout - this is the same silicon caulk that you will use in the corners and along the acrylic showerpan or tub if you have one. You will have to go to a tile supply house or order online for Kerdi Fix.

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Anna, thank you for your response!

I'm trying to figure out where the tile boarder would be placed. Here are some add'l, close up pictures. The existing tile does not end evenly around all sides of the window and the tile is raised.

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I would have a solid surface fabricator custom build head/jamb molding, sill, and apron. The head/jamb molding would lay on the tile and return to the window and would be installed after the sill. Caulk it in place heavily.

This detail should have been figured out by the tile man before a single tile was laid.

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And I'll add, make sure the sill slightly tilts down to the shower wall for water to drain.

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Thank you Trebruchet. I've read your response several times and I think I understand. How much of an overlay on the tile do you think is needed? Just enough to cover the edge of the tile? I'm trying to avoid a large border.

I'm pretty upset about the window, a lot of planning and $$ has gone into this bath.

Would the contractor's initial idea have worked if it was in place prior to the tile (wood border wrapped in PVC. Tile butt up against border?)

Today, the contractor brought over a PVC edge/corner piece of molding to apply over the edge of the tile and to meet the window. It barely meets the edge of the window on the top right since the opening is uneven all around. Is that solution feasible?

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Do you know what material they used as a tile backer board?

I just hate any situation where caulk is used as the primary method to shed water.

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The board used above the window (which is above the shower head) is different and looks like green board. I'll find out today for sure.

From the top of the winow down, it is stamped Hardibacker.

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"How much of an overlay on the tile do you think is needed?"


I would want a 1/2" minimum contact lipping over and siliconed to the tile.

The contractor's original idea may have worked, I just don't like it.

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Trebruchet, I really appreciate your advice. The granite is being templated this weekend and I'm going to have them look at the window as well. Thank you.

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Just wanted to provide an update and post a picture of the finished window.

We were extremely lucky to find an exceptionally talented tile person. We talked though several ideas and I'm more than satisfied with the end product.

FYI, I had 2 solid surface fabricators look at the window and they wouldn't touch it.

In the future, I will be hiring the tile person who fixed my window and not use a contractors sub.

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THAT LOOKS GREAT! Did the tile guy have anything to warn against or comment on regarding water getting into the junction of the tile moulding and the window frame? How did he caulk the junction?

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That looks really good, sort of like a window niche! LOL Is that just regular pencil rail or is it L-shaped underneath?

What tile did you use? This might work for my Sister's reno.

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I too am pleased with the results. Here's another picture of the bathroom but unfortunalely, not the best quality picture.

The window frame is a 3/4 in pencil with a miter cut on the corners. The tile is Naxos Pietra Sacra. The color is Celio.

I'll have to ask the specifics of the waterproofing method he used. He discussed a few options but I don't know what he decided to do in the end.

This is a guest bathroom and the shower is rarely used....maybe 10 times per year.

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Very nice!

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