Fashions for 'older' women

reader77June 4, 2011

Recently I shopped at Belk (a Southern dept. store) for a dress to wear to church, weddings, etc.

I walked out with nothing. I wear a size 6, and all the styles in that size, and there were not many, were either sundresses in loud prints or else necklines cut down almost to the waist! And did I say SHORT?

Do the buyers and/or designers not realize older women still shop? I've asked several friends, and they all have the same problem. Even though we older ladies aren't the current demographic of choice, we would still like to look dressy now and then.

And I don't mean black or navy frumpy dresses!

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My mother loves J Jill (she is 66) and I do too, their clothes are elegant and classic but comfortable. Many pieces go together with many other pieces, and they even have a free personal shopper to help you in the store or online. And best of all, if you call or place an order in a shop in your mall you get free shipping!

I agree with you, many department stores leave the over 50 set without a lot of choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: J Jill

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Thanks, Michelle, for the link.

I have checked out the petite dresses and skirts - most are styled too short for me! I saw some shirts which would be nice for fall.

Will go back and check rest of site later.

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