oceanbabyJune 22, 2009

I'm not into make-up - lipstick is about it. But think it's about time to get some recommendations as to what I should be using.

The thing I want to avoid is a saleswoman trying to sell me everything under the sun due to my lack of knowledge. More or less I lead a normal everyday life so I'm not looking for anything heavy duty. PS-I'm in my 50's and do not work.


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Since you are not familiar with makeup in general, you will have to consult an expert face to face to get what you need. I prefer MAC makeup, they will do a professional makeover on you and you can choose what you want to purchase. Other options are any of the cosmetic counters at department stores. They will be able to help you with your skin type, tone and color.

There are different lines for different skin colors, and we don't know if you are caucasian, Asian, African-American, or middle-eastern. Any of the professionals will be able to help you find the right blend, but I definitely recommend you do that instead of wasting a lot more money testing at home with drug-store products.

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If you do not wish to spend money consulting an "expert," you can do fine at the drugstore. It's a good way to dip your toe in the water of the make-up world. Take a friend to help with color choices if you wish. If you want help you can go to a department store, or there is less pressure at places like Sephora or Ulta I believe.

It's not really make-up, but you should be wearing sunscreen if you are in the sun at all. (arms and face)

For basics, I'd say lipstick and eyebrows. If you want to use a foundation to equal out any unevenness of skin color, you can choose a foundation--there are dozens to choose from. Also, Cover Girl makes a product in a tube called "Smoothers" which is a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen (less color coverage than foundation make-up).

If you want to do more, you can look at mascara and blush. Have fun and post back to let us know how it goes.

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The problem with starting out at the drugstore is that she has no idea which tones and colors are good on her. It would be much more costly to buy one of each and sample them than to get a professional opinion for free then make the purchase.

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One thing I would suggest is if you do go to a department store for a makeover try to find a salesperson that is approximately your age. The 20 somethings that work in cosmetics don't take into consideration the difference in their skin and the skin of someone in their 40's or older.
I know they are supposed to be trained but I see this over and over again. It's like they have one technique and do that on everyone they makeover. Also if you are going for a foundation ask for a sample first so you can see how it wears all day long for several days before deciding. Good luck!

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You might want to check out BareEscentuals mineral makeup. It is easy to apply and looks pretty natural. Sephora carries it or you can check it out on the internet. You can get a starter kit for around $60 and the color ranges are broad so it's easy to select a color suitable for yourself. Another source is an experienced Avon seller who will give you some samples. It's hard to select a good color for yourself in a drugstore as the lighting is not good for testing and you cannot test everything too easily. You might also consider a tinted moisturizer with some sunscreen. Just browsing the cosmetic counter at a departnent store or Sephora will start a dialog that will give you ideas regarding what you want for yourself even if you don't buy anything there.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Walgreens here have women in the cosmetics area to help.
It is costly to try out foundations and colors but once you find a good one stick with it. I like Revlon color stay foundation.

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A "trained expert" at the department store cosmetics counter is no guarantee that you will get the right products. They work on a commission or have a sales quota to meet. Their advice is never consistent either. They are trained to push the *seasonal introductions* of products and colors.

I do buy department store brands but do not take their advice. The last time I went to shop at one the 20-ish clerk tried to INSIST that I could look great in AQUA mascara even though I am in my 50s. "Oooooh. You shouldn't feel that way. You would look great! Buy it and try it." Yeah, sure.

Terrapots recommended BareEscentuals but I would NEVER go there again for advice. The person assigned to me was wearing blue, pink, orange, green and purple eye shadow thickly applied in vertical stripes on her lids. Every time she blinked I saw a gay pride parade pass through. LOL. How could she think that multi-colored vertical striped eye shadow was appealing? And I was suppose to take her advice for myself?!? ROTFL. She spent so much time cleaning her brushes from the last person she did a "makeover" on, and yaking about her personal life, that my time ran out. My friend seated next to me had already gotten her makeover and bought a ton of products. Our parking meter was going to run out and we had to go. The poor girl looked like she was going to cry when I said I was leaving and begged to to "a real quick" makeover on me. Yeah, sure.

For a woman in her 50s I would recommend warmer tones over 'pinks'. Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. A woman loses pigment in the skin as she gets older and the skin becomes drier. Avoid the oranges, pinks and reds for lipstick and stick with a deep neutral. Powder on the nose only to eliminate shine. Powder anywhere else will settle into creases and emphasize them and look cakey. You may want to try some of those new mattifying products but keep in mind that they have silicone in them and are difficult to remove completely. You may want to us a gel bronzer with a little bit of sheen, on the cheekbones instead of 'blush'. Mascara is always a good choice. Wear it one shade darker than your natural color lashes, in other words don't wear jet black if you are blond or gray.

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Socks had a great point about sunscreen use. You can find many inexpensive tinted moisturizers with SPF -- Just a hint of color, moisture and SPF. I think this would be a great first step. Top with a natural color blush and sheer lipstick in a pretty brownish/pink color. Very easy to apply, inexpensive, and you can find these items at any drugstore if you prefer to avoid saleswomen. If you have a Sephora nearby, and don't mind spending a little more $$, then that's a great way to go for some advice.

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I wish I had "done my colors" before I paid for one single item.

You can do it yourself:

wash your face, & sit in front of a mirror in good bright light.

Hold piece of silver cloth next to your face.

Take it away & put a piece of gold cloth next to your face.

If you look like you need oxygen with the silver cloth, then you are in the Spring/Autumn group;
you have plenty of rosy tones in your skin & need warm colors like apricot, tomato reds, yellow, olive, & oranges.

Your best color for "basics" like shoes & coats will be in the warm brown family.

If you look like you have hepatitis with the gold cloth, then you are in the Summer/Winter group;
you have ivory tones & need cool colors like purples, cool reds ("blue" reds), aquas & turquoises, & grays.

Your best color for basics will be black or charcoal.

Most of us are in the Summer/Winter group;
those who can wear warm colors seem to be of Irish or Scandinavian descent; think the Duchess of York (Fergie).

For warm lipstick, you'll like bronzes, apricots, tomato red, coral, warm pink, etc.

For cool lipstick, try berry, clear cool red, & cool pink.

Warm foundation will have honeyed undertones, & cool will have cool pink tones.

Winter & Autumn are the more intense complexions, Vivid Summer & Vivid Spring are in between, & true Summers & true Springs are the "pastels":

Elizabeth Taylor & Joan Collins are Winter,
Fergie is an Autumn,
Princess Diana was a Winter or Vivid Summer,
can't think of a whole bunch more, but
Gwynneth Paltrow is a Spring.

Vivid Summers & Vivid Springs can't handle as much contrast as Elizabeth Taylor (Winters can wear black, white, & red in equal amounts at the same time. Nobody else can), but they can wear most of the same colors;

(I, for instance, am a Vivid Summer;
I wear red with gray &
purple or green with black,
& never 3 colors at once.)

True Summers & Springs have delicate coloring;
they can wear the pastels like peach, lemon, mint, lavender, & rose.

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Really all you need is a good cleanser and moisturizer. From there you can go as little as soem light mineral powder foundation maybe some mascara and gloss or lipstick. Less is beautiful really. Whats important is a good start for your skin with the daily care itself.
You can go onto any Mary Kay website, download your own picture and do a virtual makeover for no charge or obligation whatsoever and see what you like and look like in a variety if products.

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If you know someone about your age who uses makeup that you like you might ask her for suggestions as to where to go to try products - and who to see at the store. Since I live in Toronto, many lines are exclusive to one particular store and over the years (I will turn 59 tomorrow) customers who don't really know each other, but have seen each other over the years and how we each have aged - and changed our makeup etc. - often ask each other for suggestions before approaching the sales staff. It will be helpful if you know of any skin issues you might have - I am a disaster - very pale, yellow-toned, thin, extra dry skin - with rosacea - facial and ocular - with extreme sensitivities to anything formulated for sensitive skin - and products containing botanicals - and acids of any sort. Makes life hard. I also can't use a product that has a combined SPF. My skin is naturally dry - as dry today as at 16. I also can't take anti-histamine so a problem with hayfever etc. I am extremely acidic - a brown lipstick will turn hot pink in a matter of minutes - and I don't suit pink. I have auburn hair (now coloured of course) and hazel eyes - but I can't use lavender shades of e/s that would normally suit hazel eyes due to my yellow-toned skin and I also can't handle the lavender pigment. I need a full coverage, oil based foundation - apply a lot of it, a cream blush, loose powder - and look as if I am wearing just a touch of makeup - kind of funny but sad. My lips are colourless without lipstick and hard to find one that doesn't turn. So basically I have one lipstick and one lipliner, one blush and foundation etc. My eye shadows are neutral - all I have ever really suited. Nothing I use is cheap - sure wish I could find something a little less expensive. But on the other hand, my one lipstick, while expensive is only one lipstick. So many women have drawers full. Same with blushes, foundations etc. I don't wear perfume because it turns something awful on me - so savings big time there. So just check around, see who you know or could ask. Anyone I send to the 2 ladies I trust at the store in Toronto have always been told the truth - and they use my name as a referral. One thing - get a good foundation - not a cheapie - this makes a big difference in staying power.

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eccentric, I am in Toronto sometimes; which store do you go to ?

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mitchdesi, The Holt's on Bloor - I trust Lee in Dior (used to be with Sisley and Cle de Peau - they moved her to Dior - but she understands my skin type and can sell other products)- and does. Nancy at La Mer - has been with Holt's for 14 years - used to be with Armani etc. Then there is makeup artist extraordinaire, Kris Wares - she is a Team Leader for Chanel - best makeup artist I have ever met - she is at Chanel Boutique on Bloor every Monday (unless she is doing movie stars or at City TV) - and when Holt's has an event she is there with her crew. As well as being very talented she is also super nice - and won't steer me wrong. I have known Kris for 25 years from her days selling Orlane when I used it. The big thing with me is finding someone who will be honest and who understands my weird skin type. If you get to Holt's and see these people my name is Linda and I have an American Eskimo named Elmo - Lee and Nancy would know for certain who I am!

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