why my ginger lemon drink explode?

sherlyyuDecember 25, 2013

Hi there

Ginger drink is actually natural drink that can be easy to make, but have you ever made ginger drink in plastic bottle and leave it in warm place?. I tried to make in that condition, and after 1 month, my bottle ginger drink explode. Just for your info, it's not ginger ale or ginger beer, just ginger plus lemonade. Any idea, why it happened?

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It's fermenting.

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I make my own soda, most often crafted root beer. Fresh ginger has an enzyme, when provided sugar, propagates (or "ferments") creating CO2. I use the ginger's enzymes to carbonate my homemade sodas. The fermenting process does create minute amounts of alcohol less than 1%. To stop the fermentation, keep refrigerated. The ginger in the soda is great for digestion. In the old days, the early 1900s, root beer stands carbonated their root beer with ginger. That root beer was good for you. Companies removed yeast, ginger and natural ingredients from their recipes partly to comply with "no alcohol" rules, partly to make long term storage easy, and partly to make more money. Now all soda sold commercially now, is quite bad for you. Keep drinking your ginger beverages.

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