This odd brass cow impression

brasscowguyJuly 1, 2012

I went into a thrift store today and found this strange little brass cow imprint on a circle of brass about 5 inches in diameter with three very short legs that are at the same level of the bottom of the brass plate (it is rather concave with a very deep impression of the cow). The markings on the underside are "WILTON P 12". I can't seem to find much about it online, and I quite frankly have no idea what it would be used for. Definitely not an ashtray or a coaster, but it reminds me of a butter mold or something like that. If you need more details I can put up some pictures later, but I hope somewhere out there someone knows what it is. I just liked it because I'm a cow guy =)

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Well....I'm a cow gal.....and I would like to see a picture!
Have you searched Wilton?
Linda C

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