poliDecember 4, 2001

what's your fav rum for pina colodas?

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I like the taste of a Cruzian Rum better than Jamacian.
Linda C

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Bacardi light rum

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Jamaican Appleton Rum either light or dark!!

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Myer's Dark Rum...

Or if you are really splurging...Goslings.

Two best out there, IMHO...and I've tried nearly 2 dozen (father0in0law is a rum lover and travels quite a bit)

If you really want to taste the difference...try this (I did in Hawaii and it made me a rum convert)

Try a simple drink of Myer's Dark Rum and fresh pineapple juice....and I don't mean the kind in a can. If you can get a jug in your grocery's fresh fruit section, try that.

These two really complement each other...and soon you'll be wantin' to just sit back and watch the sunset (prefereable with a significant other to hold your hand)


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Oh there is no doubt the best are the flavored coconut rums. Malibu is one and then there is a Cabana Boy rum that is flavored by far the best.

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I like Paramount rum, and the darker, the more it's aged, the better product.

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