Doing your own acrylic fills

Jodi_SoCalJune 16, 2003

Does anyone do their own acrylic nail fills?

My nails grow very fast and I'd go broke if I had to do fills every 10 days so I'm thinking of doing my own fills. Is this possible?


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I have seen kits at beauty supply stores. But I would be petrified to do it myself!

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if your nails are growing- what do you need the surfboards for? and yes- that IS what you're putting on your hands, the same stuff they coat corvettes and surfboards with.

but if you MUST mess with them, it really depends on how dextrous you are, really- I can't PAINT the nails on my right hand with my left hand- so I get my husband to do it for me (he paints miniatures, and is better at nails than my old manicurist)

you might want to get together with a friend who's also into fiberglass nails, and trade filling services?

just remember to treat your cuticles WELL before hand, and moisturize them HEAVILY for the next day or two-

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I certainly know that kits are sold in beauty supply stores I just don't know if it's worth the time and cost. nails grow fast but unfortunately are thin and razor like.

I try to take good care of my cuticles and have my own parafin dip and lots of lotions and oils.

I don't know anyone who has acrylics right now so trading services is out, besides I'm confident I can handle both hands, just don't know if it will be worth it.

Is it tricky to get the acrylic thickness just right so it flows properly?


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I used to do my all the time. It takes a little getting used to, but it can be done. Of course it takes longer than the salon but so much cheaper!! My nails too grow out really fast (but my natural nails are thin and peel and break). I've been having my nails done professionally for about two years now but due to being out of work now, I'm going to go back to doing it myself.

Good luck.

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Chameleon, is there a particular brand or kit that you might recommend? Do you use an electric/battery operated file or just a manual one?


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Yes, it can be done. Some people can do it and others have a heck of a time. It isn't as easy as it looks to get the right shape,and keep it where it belongs.

Another caution is the product. It will most likely be different than the one you are using. All acrylics are not the same. Also, the way you mix it has to do with the strengh in the end. Different products don't require the same ratio of powder and liquid.

So yes, I have seen some people do their nails with great results and others that were absolutely awful. Of course that can also be said of some nail techs!

I am wondering why you need to fill every 10 days. I did nails many years ago and we did it all by hand except the under side of the nail. If they are blended extremely well you should be able to go three weeks. I even had a couple customer that could go four. There are exceptions to this...some people have nails that angle up from the back (unfortunatly I was one of them) and they don't look as good unless they are filled more often. I found that if people went over the 3 weeks they were apt to have broken nails. Have you been taught how to file down the acrylic to make a blended line? If the fill is taken all the way back to the cuticle and blended well there still needs to be a little maintenance weekly to get them to last that long. I know this is long, but lots to consider.

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I know this thread is very old, but did you ever try doing your own? I'm thinking about trying it, too. My nails sound similar to yours. I found a company (linked below) that I'm going to order from. If anyone is interested I'll let you know how it goes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miami Beach Nail Co.

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No, I never did try to do my own acrylics. I realized that the calcium suppliments and pre-natals I was taking on the advice of a friend was beginning to work its magic...I just needed a little help from an effective nail strengthener like Nailtique or NailTeks...regular strengthening polishes just don't cut it for me. Unfortunately, the reason Nailtique and NailTek work is because both use formaldehyde and tolulene in their formulas. I am highly allergic to that combo but decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I stuck it out as long as I could (about two weeks) but ended up with terribly blistered and swollen, numb lips, which is how I react to those ingredients.

The result was beautifully strong and long I'm happy and my lips are almost fully healed. And then just last week, my nails started to break on the sides because they got too long and now I need to start all over again...sigh.

Let me know how the Miami Beach Nail Co. kit works out.


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