acne control for the 50+ woman

jennJune 10, 2007

I have a lovely patch of acne on my forehead and cheek. I never had anything like this as a teenager. No doubt it is hormonal and cyclical, coming and going in the exact same spots.

I don't wear foundation or concealer. I do wear Olay moisturizer with sunscreen on a daily basis. I'd prefer something I can rub into these spots that will dry up the acne.

Does anyone know of a tried and true non-prescription treatment for adult acne?

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someone told me models put toothpaste overnight on their blemishes.........

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Maybe there is something in the Olay that is making you break out. I am 42 and I also get occasional acne. For sunscreen, I use Blue Lizard which has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I use the one marketing for babies and it doesn't make me break out even though I slather it all over my face. One nice thing about it is that I put it under my eyes and it helps camoflauge any dark circles I might have.

I have used other sunscreens which have made me break out before.

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Muddy12: I already do wash my face twice a day and I avoid greasy fast foods. I drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruits/vegies, exercise, and avoid most fats and sugars except for a weekly treat or two. I don't wear foundation, only moisturizer with sunscreen.

Ramrice: That may be true. The moisturizer I use is for combination/oily skin but perhaps I should switch to something else. My face feels greasy by the end of the day. But, I don't want to dry it out, either.

I believe my break-outs are primarily hormonal. A friend of mine a lot younger than I am had break-outs in the exact same spots.... until she got pregnant. Then BAM, acne gone! Knowing that, I wonder if a little progesterone cream might help.

Actually, I found a product that seems to be starting to work. Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment. It comes in a small tube (less than 1 oz.) and costs just a few dollars. So far I am applying it just once a day as directed and I see fewer pimples in these two areas, and the ones that remain appear smaller.


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