SodaStream machine anyone?

vieja_gwDecember 27, 2012

I got a 'SodaStream' machine for Christmas & was wondering if anyone else who has one has an opinion about it? I like my sodas with lots of carbonation & restaurants seem to have their drinks with more carbonation than the canned ones I buy. This 'SodaStream'really does have a way to increase the carbonation in the drinks but so far it seems to be really less sweet even for me! Wonder how fast the co2 runs out of the bottles & have to send them back to refill?

Would like to hear from anyone that has used these machines & how they like it!

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I have researched this, tons to read when you google, ..not here.

Most people are complaining about getting new bottles,..not cheap!
If it was me,...I would get a large CO2 bottle and re-fill my own.

Since I'm wondering about the CO2 in my drinks, [post below] ..I came to the conclusion that the easiest to put CO2 in is in plain water, [cold].

Anything sweet will be more of a challenge, I think???

Please let me know if I'm right.

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How do you like it so far?

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SODA STREAM NO Forge the quality or non quality of the item. Before buying it, remember SodaStream is not an Israeli product, it is made on land that where homes of Palestinians stood and where there life sustaining olive groves stood. For the gruesome details, please consider reading and We boycott and hope others moral persons of Jewish faith will join us. Remember Israel claims even the water under Palestinian land and it is illegal for anyone to drill a well.

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We have one and use it daily. We like it less fizzy and add our own fresh juice. I like it with grapefruit fresh squeezed, think Fresca. Much cheaper than buying canned or bottled and no more cans in the recycling. Our local store has the cartridges and they last forever. I works best if you chill the filled bottles in the fridge first. We have three in constant rotation. We put a thick small rubber band around the necks when a couple are -fizzed- so we know which one to pull out. We don't like sugared sodas so works for us.
Some friends kids visiting had a blast experimenting and making their own beverages.
Use honey or maple syrup and experiment. Just found a second on at a yardsale for our vacation home.

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I use it all the time as I like the more carbonation than in the cans or bottles of soda. I do use twice the amount of the flavoring though in each bottle too (favorites so far are the rootbeer & cola & I don't get the sugarfree flavors). Get the different favors cheaper at WalMart. Haven't had to replace the CO2 in the bottle yet so naot sure how $$ that will be. If it weren't a gift, would I buy one? Probably not.... but now that I have one, I will continue to use it!

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My wife likes ours but she drinks only bottled water with the light carbonation the SodaStream adds, she thinks bottled soda or sparkling water is too fizzy.

Personally I don't think it was worth the money. I use it to add a bit of sparkle to lemonade or to thin Ginger beer but I can do a better job of that (much easier too) with a two liter bottle of generic Soda water. Every SodaStream flavour I've tried has been disgusting.. but I think most soda flavours are disgusting so that could be me.

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