Active fx or laser treatments for skin resurfacing

kate38June 7, 2010

I searched and saw that there are some old threads about laser treatments for skin resurfacing, but nothing too new. Has anyone had one of these treatments? I'm not looking to change wrinkles (have plenty and I've earned 'em) but I'd like to have a smoother texture and more importantly reduce pore size. I'd love to hear others' experiences.

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I guess this could also be called micro dermabrasion ? I've had 2 different kinds done,
it really gives you smoother skin . It also helps my skin absorb products better,
being that it's so thoroughly exfoliated.

I asked my dermatologist what he thought of this , and he's all for it, because it only affects the top layer of the skin.

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I had Fractional CO2 treatment last year.

I was happy with the results. The fractional laser smoothed, refined and removed discolorations. I paid $2000 in Louisiana. (I thought it would tighten my skin enough so I could delay having a facelift)

It tightened the skin somewhat but not the underlying muscle support. (I will be looking into the new MACS facelift when we move to TX).

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If you don't want to undergo laser treatment, you could always fix uneven skin tone with topical treatments. Specific Beauty is a dermatologist designed brand that specifically treats dull, blotchy, or uneven skin. Right now their products are online only, but you can check their site to order or learn more about them! It's

Good luck :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Specific Beauty

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