Shoes for Vacation? (Walking/Beach)

tarzyJune 20, 2007

I have such a hard time with shoes in general, and especially with casual summer shoes (not sandals.) I look best with some sort of heel. I'm short, with short fat leg, so a nice 2"-3" heel really helps, but there are times when I can't/don't want to wear a heel - like at the beach.

I am looking for a casual shoe that I can wear on the beach, and also doing some easy walking near the beach (dirt road and then in town.)

At first I thought I would just wear my sneakers (New Balance/Nikes), but I hate the way I look in running type sneakers and summer pants. My legs are short, and my feet are huge (for my height), and I feel dumpy if the sneakers are too bulky. I'll probably wear some khaki pants or cargo type pants with the leg rolled up just a little. I don't look good in capris - I'm short, plus I have very thick calves and capris make my legs look stunted and my calves look huge. If I add a bulky sneaker - ugh!

Should I be looking for something like a Puma kind of sneaker? You know - not bulky?

I'm not sure how those would do on the beach.

Or something like Keds or Converse?

I don't find these kind of sneakers very comfortable after a while - not a lot of support. But they are light and summer-ish, I guess.

I guess most people wear flip flops on the beach, but I don't think I would be comfortable walking too far in flip flops.

I would also like to look nice when we go into the small town near the beach. I know I don't have to be a fashion plate - it is the beach, very casual, but I still want to look pulled together.

Any suggestions? Short fat legs really complicate things in summer time, when capris rule the world!

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I wouldn't recommend those gym shoes in general. If you insist on gym shoes, i would recommend one with an open back that would look a little dressier, more like a mule. There is a nice one by Skechers (I don't know how to import the pic), but the name is women's bikers-aura on the website.

I have a pair of sport sandals by Skechers that are very comfortable, more so than a gym shoe, and they look a lot better too.

I also bought some very comfortable sandals (but there are other shoes as well) at

I have had a problem with planterfecitis, (soreness in the bottom of the foot) for a long time, so I know a comfortable shoe when I see one.

Also, merrells makes some nice walking shoes, I wear them in the hospital where I work. -

Good luck!

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Are you going to be walking on the beach and then on the road at the same time, so you want something that will do both? Seems to me you'd want something that could get wet on the beach, and something supportive for the road if that's the case. (I agree, flip flops are tiring to walk on the beach in.)

Those Pumas are cute, and the Keds are too, but like you, I find the Keds not so supportive. I wear Easy Spirit Motion shoes, available at Penneys, and It's a little like an athletic shoe, but lighter looking. The Pumas you showed have more style than the Easy Spirits.

When you say "capris" do you mean the ones that come to just below the knee? I find the crop pants, at about 23" long, too dumpy, but I like the capris which hit at the bottom of the knee. Maybe I don't look so good in them either, but it's summer, and shorts would be worse than capris!

Wish I could go shoe shopping with you. Seems like we have the same shoe issues.

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If you haven't already, you might also want to give Birkenstocks a try. Very comfortable, supportive, and stylish assortment.


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Rotny, if she thinks her feet are large looking, Birkies aren't going to help! She needs a slender shoe with a longer toe.

I suggest a slip-on athletic shoe. Slip-ons are great if you are also wearing them through airport security.

Here is one idea. I searched at for a women's slip-on athletic shoe.

Here is a link that might be useful: search

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Thanks for all the great suggestions! I realized that I was making it too complicated, trying to find one shoe to do it all. I'm going to concentrate on a light summery shoe I can walk in. (If I want to get my feet wet I'll just take off my shoes!) I don't think I'll wear the capris. I think that's just making it too difficult. I found this article that explains why certain shoes look better with capris, and I realize that for my type of heavier leg I would need a very open shoe that elongates the line of the leg. I really don't think I'll find that in a shoe that's also comfy for walking a lot. I'm also going to check out the long shorts idea - that might work better for me than capris.

So, for this trip I think I'll just wear normal length chinos and find a casual summer shoe I can walk in.

Barnmom - that's a great idea! I never would have thought of a shoe like that. I like it better than the bulky sneakers I usually wear - it looks more modern and younger. (I hate how I look in chinos and bulky sneakers - I feel like a gym coach, or like I should be working at Foot Locker!)

I guess I'm headed to the mall this weekend for a massive shoe trying expedition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shoes with cropped pants

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I like sport sandals for the type of use you are asking about. Lands End, Teva and even Nike have some nice styles. Some have the sole of a sneaker and the upper of a comfortable sandal. They even come in sueded/leather versions if you don't want to go in the water. Go to the Zappos link above and do a search for athletic sandals to see all the styles.

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Well, it's a sandal, but I love Okabashi's Cleo style.

They're all rubber, molded in 1 piece (no seams to separate, no glue to fail), & they have a little bit of a heel.

My feet are just about square, & Cleos are nice looking on me.

They have many other styles of casual shoes & sandals.

Best luck.

ps: They're great for gardening, too.
When they get wet/dirty/muddy, you just hose 'em off!

Here is a link that might be useful: Okabashi Cleo

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I would recommend Crocs:

The have some nice style sandals and even some that have heel height like with the Sassari style.

Crocs are soooo very comfortable for walking on concrete and you don't have to worry about them getting wet at the beach. Check out the new trendy styles. These are not your mother's Crocs!

Here is a link that might be useful: Crocs

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