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scarlett2001June 5, 2010

I don't want you to think I'm spamming, so I won't say the name of the product, but it's a wireless, hand held little gizmo that emits heat and kills unwanted hair. I saw it on one of the home shopping channels. At $290-something, it's pricey but they say it removes 94% of hair if you use it two times a week for six weeks. So question one, has anybody out there used it? If so, did it work? And why would they give you a 60 day return deal if 94% of the hair is off in 42 days?

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That's an awful lot of money, isn't it? If they are a reputable home shopping channel, one of the biggies, and have the return offer, what have you got to lose? Probably just your return shipping charge.

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It's not that expensive when you consider the cost of lasering/electrolysis, but I want to know if anybody has tried it, did it work or if not, did the refund materialize?

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