anyone have the receipe for Logans roadhouse Long Island iced tea

teeweeoneDecember 9, 2001

Hi there..

Anyone have the receipe for Logans Roadhouse (steakhouse restaurant) special long island iced tea? The drink that they will only serve you two of...thanks tina

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The link below has a number of Long Island Tea recipes. Maybe one of them will be close to what you are looking for. Ann.

Here is a link that might be useful: Long Island Ice Tea

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I think this may be what you are looking for.

The Original Roadhouse Tea

1/4 Rum
1/4 Gin
1/4 Triple Sec

And here's the kick...


Fill with sweet and sour, splash a little Coke...garnish with lemon and serve in a Collins glass.

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I just left logans myself and was searching the recipe. I think you are talking about the Grateful Dead drink. The waiter told me this much:
Pineapple juice base, colored purplish with blue cointreau (i know I misspelled this) and red grenadine. There are 3 liquors, gin, rum and everclear. Also a little sweet and sour mix. He said there are several secret ingredients, but i don't know what they could be. I'm going to try to figure it out for New Years though! :)

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The Official Roadhouse Tea Is:
Countrytime Lemonade
190 proof everclear
splash of coke for color.

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Logan's has changed the receipe for their once famous Logan's Roadhouse Tea. They no longer use PGA and have replaced it with Moonshine. It is horrible!! Not only does it not have the tangy bite, it does not have the same alcohol effect either. The alcohol content must be much less. Needless to say, I no longer frequent Logan's as I once did. Seriously!! So sad!!!

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