Fingernail tips

pauline13June 26, 2005

I've always received such good info from these forums, that I felt I should share some things that have worked for me.

I've always had long fingernails, but I found as I grew older that they broke more easily. If I broke one, I would then cut them all back. However, as I aged (I'm now 60), they started to peel even when kept short. I was complaining of this to my dermatologist when I went in for my yearly visit. He told me to take Biotin, 2,500 mcg., once a day. It can be purchased over the counter at drug stores, WalMart, etc. Although, sometimes it's difficult to find it in the correct dosage. It's not an overnight miracle, but it works. I've been taking it about 6 months. I now have long nails again and no peeling.

The second thing I ran into was quite by accident. My oldest daughter got remarried last weekend. Although I rarely polish my nails because of the abuse they take, I wanted them polished for the wedding. I was in WalMart and saw a pretty color that I though would look nice with my dress. It was a special package, 2 bottles--polish and a base/top coat. Knowing it only had to look nice for a day or two, I bought it. It was Maybelline Express Finish, advanced wear--not expensive at all. I polished my nails on Thursday night. I applied 1 coat of base/top coat, 2 coats of the color and 1 more coat of the base/top coat. The wedding was on Saturday (over a week ago). Since then, I have washed dishes daily, used steel wool to scrub pans, typed 5 days a week on my job. And, among other garden chores, I have repotted two very, very large pots of walking iris that had become overcrowded. They had to be separated and trimmed; the pots had to be cleaned, etc. In other words, my hands have had a lot of abuse. I am still wearing that polish that I put on over a week ago and there is not a single chip or place of wear anywhere. I've never seen anything like it. It must be made of iron. Maybe I can go back to having polished nails after all.

Hope these hints help someone else.

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Thank you for the info. My nails are a mess from having acrylics on them for years. I took them off only to put wraps on them until they grow out. Evening Primerose will also make your nails strong. Trouble is it also makes my hair grow faster. Not such a good costs me a small fortune to color and cut my hair more often.

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Thanks Pauline! I have thin, breakable nails and recently had UV nails put on for a wedding. I kept them up for a while and then got disgruntled about paying for them every 2 weeks so I let them come off by themselves, didn't know they'd rip off my nails in the process!

I'll be delighted to try the Maybelline product. Thank you.

Bonilyn, is Evening Primrose something that you ingest? I don't know anything about it.

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Those 4-sided blocks you can buy at Sally's and most anywhere are great to strengthen and make your nails grow fast. The instructions are right on the block. Seal the edge of your nail with the smoother or those crystal files ifyou have one. Even out the ridges on top, then smooth the nail, and then polish them. Use a little cuticle oil. Do this a couple of times a week to start and then about once a week or when you note more ridges growing out. I think it increases the circulation and it really works. I used to use Nail ICU but don't need it anymore since I started doing this. I carry a small buffer in my wallet and do them when I'm just waiting around (when no one's watching). My nails are really glossy and they look like they have polish most of the time. I sometimes paint the underside of mynails and it looks like I got a French manicure. It was a little messy at first until I learned how not to get it all over my fingertips, LOL.

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Yes -- that Maybelline Express Finish is great -- I use it all the time -- and it is the only thing I've tried that doesn't chip!

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Yes, Evening Primrose is a vitamin found in most stores. Do a search to find all the benefits.

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I purchased and applied the polish yesterday as you suggested; clear base coat, two coats of polish and a clear top coat. I'm impressed with how quickly it dried and I hope it lasts as well for me as it has for you.

I bought the biotin today and will take that along with my multivitamin. My nails grow rather quickly but they tend to peel and break. I'm hoping this will help. The label indicates that it is also beneficial for skin and hair.

Thanks so much for the advice!

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I hope the polish works for you as well as it did for me also! Funny thing, after writing the original post, my daughter and her new husband came from Houston for a long weekend visit. She wanted a manicure (those acrylic french tips) and a pedicure. So, I made her an appointment. I also made one for myself (first time in at least 20 years--manicure only). The girl did a good job and it looked nice--for 3 days (their polish). After that, it started to chip badly and I had to remove the polish. $25 pretty much down the drain. That's why I do them myself (when they get done).

As for the Biotin, be sure to give it time. It worked for me--no peeling problem. I can still break one from time to time, but even that isn't nearly as frequent.

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That nail polish is excellent. It stayed on so well for me, as it had for you -- thanks for the good advice!

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I have my Biotin! My nails are better than when I first posted about nails. I have been taking vitamins with better regularity and the additional calcium and other things has helped a lot.

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Horse's hooves are made of keratin which is the same thing as your nails.
We give biotin to horses to strengthen their hooves. They have the same problems people do: breaking, shelly, and weak hooves. Works very well. You basically have to take a lot of biotin to OD on it. I take the horse stuff, it is cheaper.

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Update -- I've been taking the biotin for almost two months now and I'm seeing a difference. The nail beds don't show the white marks I used to see and the nail tips feel harder. Thanks so much for the good advice!

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OK!!....I'll try it!
Linda C

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My mother is over 80 and still has beautiful nails. She uses nail oil and hand cream at night, never gets manicures and never wears polish. I wish my hands looked as nice, I still bite my nails. Sheesh!

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Jannie, what is nail oil?

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My mom buys this stuff from the drug store. I don't know if it's also made by any big cosmetics companies. It's called "nail oil lavendar and chamomile by Sunny Brae Body works." It comes in a two-ounce glass bottle with a brush built into the cap.

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I found the product on this website to be very help in healing and growing my nails after taking off artifical nails:

Here is a link that might be useful: Perfect Nails

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I just started taking GNC's Ultra Nourishair a few weeks ago and love it. $10/bottle - one month supply. I think I'll add biotin in the next few weeks - I do want to get some MSM and start on that also just for general health.

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