9x13 inch induction friendly pans?

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bJanuary 2, 2014

So I have the induction with the bridge. It's all good! My new induction cookware works great. So, I take a cake pan to slow bake some ribs. There is stuff in there for gravy.

With the old gas stove, no problem. Stick that baby over two burners, stir, and I got gravy!

Not the induction. It doesn't recognize the 9 x 13. NOT ONE SET OF INDUCTION COOKWARE INCLUDES THIS PAN!!!!

So, how do we deglaze the pan and make gravy?

Life has seriously changed!


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I have no experience with small roasting pans other than pyrex 9x13 which, obviously, are not for deglazing on induction, but the topic has come up from time to time.

Seems to me that somewhere last year I saw something about Viking having a smaller, induction capable roaster in its line of cookware. However, I think I've also seen something recently about Middelby (the new owner) having decided to cancel the Viking cookware brand. Might try Amazon to see if any are left.

Also, it seems to me that All Clad used to have an induction capable roasting pan but they called it a "lasagna pan."

If you can go a little larger than 9x13, there may be more choices.

I remember a number of these discussions over on Chowhound. Here are some links to discussionsthat may help lead you to other possible candidates:



Also think there was s dicussion here on this subject about five years ago, but can't find it with the search engine. Maybe it was in the Kitchen form?

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Would induction disks under the pan work? I've heard of some folks using these with specialty cookware. (Not that your pan is a specialty item, but it's not a cooktop item either).

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LG Electronics ships in the box with every LCE30845 induction cooktop a griddle -- which has a substantial lip around the rim -- that works with the cooktop's bridging elements; the griddle is about 19" x 8". We have the cooktop and the griddle and the griddle (as the English say) "works a treat." See the link below. It cannot hurt (probably will not help) to call LG and see if they will sell you a griddle apart from the cooktop.

Failing that, you might investigate if the Vollrath 77541 will fit on your cooktop. The '77541 is 21" x 16" -- which is a whole lot of griddle, but it is induction friendly.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What about using a graniteware roasting tin?

It's enameled steel and should be induction capable.

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At our (rural area) hardware store this morning, I saw a Graniteware "lasagna pan" that measured 14" L x 9" W x 2" deep. The store owner showed me a Graniteware catalog that listed "Bake Broil and Grill Sets" which includes the 14x9x2 pan, a perforated top tray (broiler pan), and a baking rack. There is another that is11x8x2 and something called a " 3 Piece Everything Roaster Set" which appears to be 13x9x2. A magnet stuck to everything in the store, so they all should be induction capable.

A quick internet search indicated that the 13x9 "roaster set" is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $22. Probably available lots of other places, too.

Another thing that occurred to me is to check the broiler pan that came with your oven(s). Mine holds a magnet like the graniteware.

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I'd take the magnet to Sur La Table or a restaurant supply house and try it on anything that takes your fancy. I did find some listings for induction roasting trays.

Sur La Table has an induction roasting pan that comes in 9x13" - linked below (tri-ply stainless).

Here is a link that might be useful: Sur La Table roasting pans

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