Healthy drink recipes?

msh2000December 25, 2007

My hubby does not want to drink water but he goes through 2 L of fruit drinks a day like Dole and Tropicana. I recently heard that too much fruit drinks is bad because the liver is not designed to process too much fructose that is why a lot of people are getting sick with fatty liver disease. Where can I find recipes for healthy drink?

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WOW!!! Does he realize how many servings of fruit he's consuming?

3/4 c. (6 oz.) = one serving

Not to mention all that sugar - even natural sugar in fruit juice is still SUGAR! High fructose corn syrup is dangerous stuff - right up there with trans fatty acids.

How many calories does that add up to? Nearly half his calorie needs for the day I bet.

Has he tried tonic water or sparkling water with just a small amount of juice in it? Even sparkling water with lemon or lime juice. You can also add a small amount of fruit juice with milk (I also use homemade kefir for this drink) and with some grape juice and milk make a Grape Cow, or with orange juice and get an Orange Cow. At least you'll also be getting a dairy serving - but too much of ANYTHING is bad when it comes to food and drink.

Check out the My Pyramid site (link below). Have him click on MyPyramid Plan (on the left side) and fill in the blanks so that he actually knows what foods he requires daily and in what amounts.


Here is a link that might be useful: MyPyramid

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I was trying to get away from sugary drinks & diet soda, but I don't always want just plain water. I discovered flavored waters, especially the ones made with Splenda which have few or no calories. Target carries a brand called Archer Farms that makes some great flavors, sweetened with Splenda. Now that I've been off the sugary drinks for a while, I find that even the flavored water is stronger/sweeter than I like, and I end up diluting it with water about 4:1. (That is, 4 water & 1 flavored water.)

Diluting it makes it cost less too - 2L of juice a day would be expensive!!

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I would say that its too much of fruit juice.

I would advice you to drink a cup of kefir every day.
Can't be a better healthy drink than that.
I would caution you to avoid super market OTC Kefir drinks sold by companies are no good.
You must ferment kefir at home.


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I agree with the kefir. However, one is dairy and one is water kefir made with sugar. In the summer I hold back on the dairy and yet the other has too much sugar even if used like a lemonade beveredge. How do you get around this?

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