Ski Boot

Sheila GibneyDecember 13, 2000

Does anybody have a receipt for a drink called "Ski Boot". It is made with hot chocolate and alcohol.

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Could it have been Skier's Toddy (from

Skier's Toddy


* 1 cup Hot chocolate
* 1 oz Kahlua
* 1 oz Triple sec
* Marshmallows

Mixing instructions:

Rinse out a large mug with boiling water, add steaming hot chocolate, and stir in liqueurs. Top with several marshmallows.

Creator/contributor's comments:

Tia Maria or Creme de Cacao may be used in place of the Kahlua.

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I like hot chocolate with Peppermint schnapps added. yummmm on a cold day.

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Hot chocolate with Amaretto or Bailey's Irish Cream works well for me on the ski slopes...
Never heard of a 'Ski Boot', surprisingly, will investigate...

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