Burgandy...is it sold by another name?

Kara_vaDecember 18, 2001

I'm putting together a gift basket to round out some crystal mugs I found. The tin of mix I selected has a receipe for "mulled wine" that calls for burgandy. I've been to two stores looking for a bottle of burgandy to put in the basket. Can't find it. Wish I'd bought the tin for "hot butter rum". Can find rum everywhere! Do they still label wine burgandy or has it gone the way of chablis?

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Kara, It would be a shame to use a real Burgundy to make a "mulled Wine" Burgundy wine can be quite expensive, and comes from the Burgundy region of France,which is divided into a number of smaller regions. The grape used is Pinot Noir. You can buy some excellent Pinot Noirs made in California as well as Oregon, but again it would be a real waste of good wine. You are probably looking for an inexpensive generic "burgundy". I believe Gallo use to make one and it came in a jug. You probably do not really need a wine labeled burgundy, just an inexpensive, but drinkable wine will do. Ann.

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Thanks Ann, I appreciate your help!

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Burgundy wine is made from a varietal grape originating in France.
Gallo makes a burgundy that costs ( in my state....but it varies according to your taxes) about $6 a bottle. It's very suitable for a mulled wine!
It's called "Gallo Hearty Burgundy".....
Linda C

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