Any toy soldier experts?

pamghattenJuly 17, 2014

I've googled these figures, and they aren't really soldiers, they are Papal or Swiss guards. But the ones that come up seem like they don't really know anything about them either.

On the bottom, they say F / G / R, Brevett, Italia .... or FIGIR. But that doesn't really seem right to me. Though that's how I've seen a couple come up when I google them.

Does anyone know anything about these figures? A friend says they are a lead composition? Lead mixed with something ...

Any information would be helpful, thanks.

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I'd look for a military miniatures forum ... someone will be able to ID them in a flash.

when you ask, include the size of the figures

Also take pictures of the bottom marks and well-lit closeups (quick cell phone pics don't get good answers).

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Thanks Lazy, I have pictures of the bottoms though the bottoms are hard to ready with the naked eye. (FYI: I don't have a cell phone, this is with my camera. LOL!)

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Google "Swiss Guard miniature figures painted". Vatican guards.

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I bought these off eBay. The seller had a small description of these. There are 6 tiny solid lead toy soldiers measuring 2" inches each. Norman Joplin asked me if these were hallow or solid , where I got them, if I was an eBay seller and how many inches they are. I wrote Joplin back and it's been over a week since the first day I asked him about these. I'm sending a pic of description from seller and additional pics of the toy soldiers and measurements. I've also included Norman Joplin's Toy Soldier book translated in French with a pic of a toy soldier similar to the ones I have. Please, help me identify them? Thanks

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