clear ice cubes

gree_kneesDecember 16, 2010

Can anyone at this forum tell me how to make the ice cubes from my freezer clear? I've tried using bottled water and letting the water sit overnight but the ice still was cloudy and white. Anita

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Check over at Gizmod. They have a method. Complicated though.
For some reason i get clear cubes from my Leibherr, when it works, lol.
Maybe because i have reverse osmosis and then it is in the hose line for a few hours waiting for the next fill. It is a very cold freezer also and the cubes are squarish and small...don't know why.
Icicles are clear as water drips slowly down, then freezes in layers. Time consuming, but you could try freezing in a few layers. Add a bit, then add a bit.
(if it is that important)
For some reason my parents ice is chalk white and never tastes right. Never wanted an ice maker because of it. Maybe just old and stale being in a rather open ice bin.

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