suvothJuly 1, 2010

Hey All, just wondering if you could help me figure out what this squat vase is worth? Also, I have another green vase I have no idea what the story is with it. Looks like a really sad depiction of parents losing their children. Apparently the signature on the bottom says "Elva" 1976. Any info on this would be welcome (I don't even know how the green vase was made for example).

Blue Vase:

Green Vase (Don't have it yet so I don't have pic of bottom)

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Well the blue one is Delft...not too old...about 25 years or so....value...maybe $20 if you are lucky.
The green one is a puzzle...never saw anything that color like that. Looks like it's been painted and rubbed off?
is it pottery, porcelain or glass?
Linda C

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Well, I don't have the green one yet. It's in the mail as they say. But I was told it was pottery. Thanks for the info on the blue vase.

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The $20 is resale....would cost more new.

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I have never figured out how to open these .jpg and photo bucket pictures. Anyone care to educate me?

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Texas: Use cursor to highlight; right click to get box which allows you to "copy"; right click on your browser line which gives you a box with the option to "paste". Paste and click on "go". Images should appear for you.

Usually do this without thinking; hope a step wasn't overlooked.

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OK. On my computer, when I right click, one of the options is "navigate to". Opens the picture right up. Thanks for the heads up.

THE Redheaded Texan

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Hah! Whaddaya know about that, duluth & Tex! Mine navigates, also! What a difference a little teaching makes. Thanks!

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