recipe for eggnog

whisperyDecember 15, 2001

Sorry to be such a dork, but I have no idea how to make eggnog. Help?

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I never make or drink eggnog. Something about "raw eggs", but here is a site with some eggnog recipes as well as the one posted on Martha's website. Ann.

Serves 26
This eggnog's rich, cloudlike texture is produced by separating the eggs and beating the whites before adding them to the milk mixture. The eggnog base can be made one day in advance; just beat in the stiff egg whites and whipped cream just before serving.

12 eggs, separated
1 1/2 cups superfine sugar
1 quart whole milk
1 1/2 quarts heavy cream
3 cups bourbon
1/2 cup dark rum
2 cups cognac
Freshly grated nutmeg

  1. In a very large bowl, beat egg yolks until thick and pale yellow. Gradually add sugar to yolks. With a wire whisk, beat in milk and 1 quart cream. Add bourbon, rum, and cognac, stirring constantly.

  2. Just before serving, beat egg whites until stiff. Fold into mixture. Whip remaining 1/2 quart heavy cream until stiff, and fold in. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Note: Raw eggs should not be used in food prepared for pregnant women, babies, young children, the elderly, or anyone whose health is compromised.

Photograph by: Todd Atkinson

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Here is a link that might be useful: Eggnog

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egg nog non alcohalic
6 eggs
1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding (3 Oz)
1 T. vanilla
1 C. sugar (I've used less)
1 tsp. nutmeg
3/4C. heavy cream
Beat together untill smooth add 2 quarts milk yields 2 1/2 qrts. I really like this didn't make it this year becouse of the raw eggs but I'm wondering if an egg substitute would work make it more expensive but this is really good.

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This is kinda late, but it's very simple, and my favorite (and no, I've never gotten sick in years of making this or drinking it, even as a child - sometimes ya gotta live a little). I love it because it's not as rich as most - nice and light and foamy.

Basic non-alchoholic egg-nog

2 eggs
1/2 tsp. vanilla
4 tbsp sugar (just plain, white sugar)
2 cups milk
Cracked ice (about 1 cup, or 5 ice cubes)

You can make this in a bowl - beat the eggs well first, then add all other ingredients and beat. I make it in the blender - whip the eggs well, add everything else, blend it up smooth. Top with nutmeg - makes about 2 glasses, but you can double/triple/quadruple the recipe for more as needed.

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A dietitian friend told me that the alcohol added to the eggnog will destroy any bacteria in a raw egg. (The same goes for the vinegar in Bernaise sauce.)
So, now, you only have to worry about driving home!

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