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pepper_rancherNovember 7, 2007


Does anyone here home brew their own beer?

I ordered the Mr. Beer home brew kit (to get me started), I was wondering if there is anyone here with some experiences?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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I do it the easy way----buy the beer making kits. It's cheap and easy and is very good. There are many kits to chose from, so you can always find one to fit your tastes. The only thing I started doing different was to stop using corn sugar and went to wheat instead. The wheat gives a smooth, polished finish that corn sugar can't produce.

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Wow! This is a lonely old post. Hopefully by now we have some homebrewers in the crowd.

Some friends and I got into homebrewing a few years ago and brew every chance we get. I never tried any of the kits though.

We built our own systems complete with laser cut home made jet burners and stands, copper coil wort chillers, cooler mash tuns, and modified 1/2 barrel cookpots.

My most recent addition was a 20 gal. conical fermenter. I'll never go back to carboys.

Memorial Day weekend we brewed a combined 100 gallons in my back yard.

I'm always up for homebrew stories!

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