Green Tea drinkers, fave brand?

LisainflNovember 28, 2001

i just started drinking green tea -- i bought one made by bigelows...i was curious what your fave brand is?


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I drink green tea everyday and I change my favourites from time to time. At the moment my favourite is Genmai by Stash. It is a blend of green tea and brown rice. Wonderful flavour. Fujian by Butterfly Brand is also very nice. You can find both of these at health food stores.

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I love celestial seasonings and sometimes get a free tin!!!!

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Celestial is one of mine..Misty Jasmine green tea..
Saw a new one today but forget the name . Will check back later with it.Cranberry cove is also good.

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I want to drink green tea for my health, just hate the tastes kind of like a tin after taste to me.
I'm looking for something that will cover the green tea taste. BTW I'm allergic to mint.

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I was so glad to see this post. We were just talking about green tea today at work. We had some green tea today by Lipton, and it was terrible. Does GNC carry tea, as that's the closest health store to us, or do they sell only vitamins, etc?

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I have tried around thirty different types of green teas. Some of them are inexpensive, and others cost more than $100.00 per pound. I really enjoy Uncle Lee's green tea in bulk. It has an excellent taste and is inexpensive. Buy a yixing teapot to brew the best tea in loose form. Most tea in bag form is not very good. The best way to brew is to use three times as much tea as needed for cup. (ancient Chinese secret?)
You will get three seperate infusions. Infuse the tea for 45 seconds to one minute in water that is below boiling temperature. Also, has a huge selection of every kind of tea imaginable.

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