Electrolux induction range owners since 2011-2012, please report

scrappy25January 24, 2014

I am interested in the Electrolux slide-in induction range EW30IS65J which is now running about $2600 but the reviews on Amazon are just terrible- about half of the reviewers reported oven malfunctions, many just around the 2 year mark. There are 18 reviews with 3 stars or less and only 8 reviews with 4 or 5 stars.

Please report on your experience with the Electrolux induction range (slide-in or freestanding) regarding reliability, repairs needed, and bothersome noises. Also does the fact that the fan blows out the front of the range when you are using the burners bother you? We do a lot of Asian cooking so would be standing in front of the range a lotl

Thanks in advance for your help;

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Still love mine (installed Aug 2011 so now 2.5y of use). These days I love the front fan as my house (and me!) can use all the extra warmth it can get! I honestly don't notice it in the summer months.
My initial review still stands (see link). Long heat up time for oven, limited but occasional use for lower oven. Fantastic function and response of stovetop burners, and using the special "polish" type cleaner my stovetop still looks pristine.
I hardly ever hear the little "click" noises, as usually my exhaust fan is running when I use the stovetop.
Turkey probe works well, auto shut off as well and both are nice features.
A few of the reviews I've read cite the worries about self-cleaning features destroying the electronics. For what it's worth, I find the convection fan really spreads the grease around, making the oven quite soiled. I use my self-clean about every 3 months (eek, is that normal, or way too long in between?!) and haven't yet had a problem.
There are a few other GW folks who have had this range as long as me, as well as more who have bought since. Hopefully they'll chime in. Good luck deciding!

Here is a link that might be useful: my original 3-day review!

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I still love mine, too (installed ~july, 2010), but I have had some electrical issues like those described in some of the amazon reviews. I had trouble with the self clean - see link below for that experience. We have also had a couple of fault codes over the 3.5 years, and I just asked my DH and we can't remember the circumstances, but turning off the electrical at the box has always immediately cleared those codes. I think it's happened twice (other than the self-cleaning fault which would not clear). And I need to be clear that e'lux paid for the service call after the self-cleaning problem even though I had the problem after one year (13 months, I think). If I had had to pay for it, I'm sure my feeling for this range would not be so favorable.

I have not used the self-clean since I first had the problem, so scrubbing the oven is a real pain. I find that I let it go a lot longer between cleanings than I would if I used the self-clean, but whatever.

I agree with pretty much everything co-co said. The oven takes a long time to preheat. The fan blowing out the front doesn't bug me at all - it's not very strong to me. It runs for a LONG time after you turn off the oven. LOVE the gliding oven racks. As far as stove top noises, the clicks don't bother me at all (I barely hear them). The pan noises (kind of like squeals) as they heat up can be annoying, but it's just our cheaper pans that tend to do it and it goes away after a minute or so.

Other than needing the range reset after the self-cleaning incident, we have not needed to call for service.

I would give the range 4 stars at amazon. My DH says 3 because of the self-cleaning problem - and he doesn't even clean the oven :) Would I buy it again? I'm not sure because I suspect there are others we could chose from now, but yes.

Good luck with your choice!

Here is a link that might be useful: self-cleaning problem thread

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I bought mine on sale August 2012, finally installed it 14 months later, and just started using it this past November.

Perfect Turkey was. Multiple racks of cookies all bake uniformly (std bake -- haven't tried convection for that). We haven't used the oven for a lot more, since our go-to oven is our Gaggenau combi-steam. I don't think we have used the bottom oven, except as a warming drawer, which was fine.

I don't like the fan blowing when I just start up the cook top (no oven), since it is a bit cool. The wife hasn't complained, so must not be that bad.

So far, we are very happy with it. I would have preferred a separate oven and 36" induction cooktop, but the range goes better with the kitchen layout. I'm not crazy about the cooktop layout. It is okay.

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I have had the Electrolux slide-in range since Sept.2010, and loved it. For 3 years. In August 2013 the fan had to be replaced, in November 2013 the whole cook top had to be replaced. That added $1500 to the original cost. The new cook top lasted 11 months. It stopped working again (E31 error) and apparently the only way to fix it is to replace the whole top. Again.
Would I recommend the appliance? Not very likely.

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I have the freestanding range. I love it when it's working, but had to spend about $1600 to replace several boards of electronics for the induction top when it was about 2 years old. I've had no problems with the oven (I haven't really used the bottom oven, but it seems to work).

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My freestanding range was installed in April of 2011. I've never had any problems or error codes. I've used the self clean a few times with no issues.

The fan noise is so quiet I barely notice it, I've never felt it so I'm not sure where it blows out from. The only issue I have is that I have one pan that when I put frozen veggies in it and then turn it on power boost it has a pretty loud buzz until the pot warms up but that is the extent of my issues. My other pots don't do that and that pot doesn't either with room temp food.

I'm cooking for a family of 8(who are homeschooled and work from home so every meal for that many people is cooked and eaten here) with all scratch cooking. A meal will have a minimum of 2 burners going often more. The main oven is used at least once a day and the lower oven is used several times a week. I'm pretty sure I've given this thing a bigger workout than the average user. But like any appliance there will be some lemons in the mix, thankfully mine has held up well.

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Hi! Very new to this website. How is ya'lls ranges holding up?
Appreciate and feedback!

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I've had no problems since getting it repaired.

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