T-shirt That Fits A Larger Chest?

tarzyJune 29, 2007

Summer just kills me! I have the hardest time finding a good, basic t-shirt that fits. I have a large chest(34DD), and most t-shirts just don't feel comfortable. If I buy an XL to fit the bust, it is usually too wide for the rest of my body and just feels sloppy. I did find one t-shirt, at The GAP that has a little lycra in it, so it skims the bust but doesn't hug it, but it only comes in black and white.

When I was younger (in my 20s/30s) I would often wear a basic man's t-shirt (Hanes or GAP) but I really want to dress with a little more style now. Even though I'm past 40, I still want to look hip and stylish.

I'm not a huge woman - but I do have a "mature" body. Most t-shirts just do not fit my body!

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I am a 34D, but I find I have the best luck with t-shirts at walmart. Not the hanes brand, but the White Stag label. They have a nice fit that is tapered but not tight. The Target brand (Mossimo) is also nice but it has a tighter fit. The T-shirts at the gap seem to run small.

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Since breast implant have become so popular(not suggesting yours are) i wonder where women shop for clothes. Everything seems to be made for the teeny tiny women-oops i mean girl. I looked online and found a few shops that sell for large busted women. Good Luck!

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The v-neck t-shirts from Old Navy work well for my sister who is very large chested and they fit well and look good on her. I think the v-neck makes all the difference. I am small chested so I wear the regular crewneck t-shirts from Old Navy. The shirts we like are really thin and comfy and if you don't have a store where you live you can order them on line. They also keep their shape better than many other t-shirts we have worn.

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I think women with augmentation buy for the breast size fit and have the rest tailored. I'm slightly chesty and have to do that sometimes to avoid the button gap.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

Good point about the tailoring. I suppose I should just find a decent tailor and resign myself to spending the money. I know on WHAT NOT TO WEAR they always talk about tailoring as the answer. I guess the trick is finding a good tailor.

I agree about the V neck - it's a much better look for me. I think I'll check out the ones at Old Navy - they sound like they might work for me.

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I have the Old Navy v-neck ones. They are nice but they do show a lot of cleavage. The v is deep.

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Old Navy. I am a 38DD and I love them. This year's tees are better than ever. They have some deeper V ones, too, and I wear a cami with it. They fit great and look great, I think. I have several different styles from ON and I love them all!

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