pinklady07June 14, 2006

My skin seems to break out with heavy foundations so I need something that's light but also a good product. My friends have recommended MAC foundations, but I'm not really sure if I want to take that big of a hit to the wallet without asking around first. I'm 17 so I still have the typical adolescent woes of the skin, and as I said before, heavy stuff tends to make my face go crazy. I need something that covers it well, but doesn't irritate it and also isn't thick. I hate matte looks and really want to get some good makeup for my senior portraits; I don't want it to LOOK like I'm wearing makeup. Any suggestions?

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Paula Begoun (the author of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me") has done a report called Drugstore Doubles which tells in her opinion the best cosmetics available from the drugstore. For foundations she recommends the Revlon line and she also mentions Neutrogena Visibly Even Natural-Look Makeup SPF 20.

I'm pretty happy with Clinique Soft Finish Make up.I think it's about $18. Have you tried Cover Girl?

I wonder if it is the sunscreen part of foundation that causes you to break out.

Good luck with those senior portraits. They'll take many shots, so I'm sure you'll get one you like. You are smart to plan ahead.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cosmetic Cop

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PS Pinklady, I just noticed that the Cosmetic Cop webpage question of the month is about make up for brides since they will be having their pictures taken. There might be some helpful info for you there, even tho' you're not a bride! Check it out.

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