Nail Polish peels off immediately!

cube1067June 15, 2009

Well maybe not immediately, but definitely within 12 hours. I am using only clear polish, with a quick dry coat. I paint my fingernails at night, go to bed, shower in the morning. After the shower my nail polish starts to peel away from the nail. I have been using TIPS, but I don't use it before doing my polish. I wash my hands before I polish. I used to do my fingernails all the time and am just getting back into it after 5 years.

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I have found that if you "rough" up the nail slightly with a nail file before painting, the polish will have more to grip onto and not chip or peel as easily. I had the same problems with my toes, I had my pedicurist start doing this on me and now it is the "secret" of the salon.

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I have found that Sally Hanson No chip 10 day color stays
on good. I like 01 Bold Blossom.
A light pink.

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Dab your nails with alcohol to make sure there is no hand cream or soap residue before applying the polish.

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I'm also wondering if you are putting it on too thick. I'm not sure that would make that much of a difference, only that they recommend 2 thin layers instead of 1 heavy coat. JMO

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There is a bonding undercoat you can use that would make it stay on longer. Sally's carries it. They often use it for pedicure polish. The natural oil of your fingernails causes the polish to not last long on your natural nail. Since you don't use color, try Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle (in the gold bottle) lasts a lot longer than clear polish and it dries pretty fast. I use it to strengthen my nails, really works for that but noticed it lasts a lot longer than ordinary clear polish. Then I sometimes put a light color over it and the color lasts a lot longer than just nail polish. Hope this helps.

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Make sure your nails are oil free and use a good polish.

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