Root Beer

michelle489236November 10, 2001

My husband loves Root Beer. In fact, a few years ago when it was on sale he bought 75 cases and now we have Root Beer that expired in 1999 in storage. Is this still drinkable?

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Yes, I hope it is bottles vs cans, though. My son collected coke cans for a while and some...the coke actually ate through the can and they leaked. What a mess that can be.

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I love root beer as well, but I don't know if I would buy 75 cases..LOL. What brand did he buy that he loves so much? I like A&W and Hires. Whether this is still good will depend on where it was stored. If it was in bottles, out of direct sunshine and in a cool area, it is probably still good.

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Hope it is in bottles don't hold their seal forever...if its in glass it may be flat!
Good Luck

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