Do you like your vent hood?

bicyclegirl1January 12, 2014

Hi all, I'm trying to decide what vent hood to buy. I need an insert for a custom hood. I'd like it to be quiet as possible...& led lights vs halogen. I'm only needing 600 CFM's & will be venting thru the ceiling, out thru the roof. Is one better than the other...mesh, baffle, magic lung??? I've been looking at Vent a Hood, Zephyr, & Broan. I'd like to keep it under $1000. I'd love to hear your experience with yours.

Thank you very much.

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We have the Zephyr Monsoon II DCBL model in 36" for our 36" BS Rangetop. We love it, and have had it a little over 1 year now. It is rated at 250-715 CFM, but it does have the LED lights, which is one of the features I love on it.

It has baffles, which are super easy to clean in the DW, so no fuss there.

Here is a link to the SPEC sheet I had for it, and you can always look at it on the web site:

As for noise, it is a 6 speed, but we use it mostly on levels 1-3, which are not bad at all. If i really am doing something smokey or some WOK cooking then I kick it up to 5 or maybe even 6, and those do get loud but it is nice to have it.

Generally, from what i have read and recall, you are better to get something slightly larger than you need as a motor rated to move 1200 CFM will tend, in most cases, to be quieter when operating at 600CFM, as opposed to a motor only rated for a MAX of 600 CFM and running at full blast.


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Thanks for the info Phil. Good to hear from someone that has one & likes it. I was actually looking at the Zephyr Monsoon DCBL. I think it's the one that's just under the size you have. I really wanted to keep my cost down & I don't need more than 600 CFM's, but if it's quieter to go to the next one, maybe I should do it.

I appreciate your feedback.

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I have just had installed the Vent-a-Hood BH228SLD Wall Mount Liner a custom hood (wood)- 600CFM.Have turned it on- all levels - used the light, etc but the Range only arrived today! Will give you a full report in a few days.

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Thanks beach. I think that's the one I had been looking at. Exactly. I had liked them because they are pretty darn quiet. But, they're really more than I wanted to spend. The liner I was looking at was around $1000-$1200. I'd really like to stay below $1000...below being the key word!! I'd really love to stay at $800 or less! Definitely let me know what you think of it & if it's as quiet as I remember.

I'd love to see a picture of your hood too. I'm doing a custom wood one, as well.

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I know this is an old post, but I would love to know if you are happy with your vent-a-hood wall mount liner?

we are in process of choosing this now.

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Hi gabytx, I ended up getting the Zephyr Monsoon II like Phil above. I found it at a great price at one of the Kitchen stores here in Austin. I would love to give you feedback, but it's still sitting in the box! And, I hate to say this, but I'm not sure it'll be installed anytime soon. My kitchen is moving very slow! But, as soon as I do have it in, I promise to get back & post a review. Not that it will help you now, tho. Maybe Phil & beachpea can get back w/ reviews on theirs. I will say one of the reasons I chose the Zephyr was because of the LED lights. My kitchen can get really hot in the summer, so I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else adding to the heat already there. The lights on the Vent-a-Hood I saw in the store, burnt the heck out of my hand when I went to turn the switch on to listen to it. My hand rubbed up against the light & it was burnt pretty bad from that! It blistered & left a scar! If it was hot enough to do that, it was putting too much heat out for me!

Good luck with your kitchen.

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bicyclegirl, thanks so much! Are the lights the only reason you went with the Zephyr? Seems you can find reviews with just about any spin you want on any of these range hoods. some swear by one brand, some like another. Its a costly to get a "lemon". thanks!

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WOW! I just looked up the Zephyr, love that it already has the blower installed! One less thing to stress over! Did you purchase online? I found it on for $1549.00...looks like it ships in 1-2 days?
How did you purchase yours? Thanks again! I

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gabytx, The heat was a big factor for me, but I did read up on it & this one had pretty good reviews, as well, so I just went w/ it. I think at that pt. I was also a little burned out. I bought mine at one of the kitchen stores here. They gave me a good price. I don't remember the name of the store, but if you want it, I can find out for you, just let me know. I don't think you'll be unhappy w/ this one. I'm hoping I won't be unhappy w/ mine!! As I said, I'll come back & put a review on it after I've used it some. Good luck & let me know if you go for this one & what you think.

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I"m doing appliance shopping now and looking for hood inserts and had two salespeople at different appliance stores both tell me that they didn't like Zephyr because of quality control issues and service issues. High on their lists were Best by Broan and XO with baffles.

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I have a substantial hearing loss in one ear and extra noise in the kitchen was a major concern. I tested all the 600 cfm hoods in the store (including Zephyr, Broan and others I can't recall) and found the vent-a-hood was the quietest so we went with it. It's a 42" and has a double blower. Since I haven't had a hood in over 5 years I often forget to turn it on. It is louder than I would have liked but for me that's the nature of the beast and I would have said the same thing about any hood, probably. We vented straight up through the roof. I love how bright the lights are. It's really cool to see what I'm cooking!

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I've had a Broan by Best and a Vent-a-hood. I liked both. If asked for a preference, I would say the Vent-a-hood. The Broan suffered from a flapping damper when the wind was blowing. That could be installation error. I like the Vent-a-hood's technology. I learned a lot when I went to their website. It seems to do the job.

I'm sorry someone burnt their hand on one of the lights. I can see how you could do it if you weren't paying attention or unfamiliar with it's operation. It wouldn't be easy for a child to do it as it's elevated. I've never done it. Putting skin against a light bulb will usually result in a burn. I would put that episode down to operator error.

All ventilation is noisy. I don't think there is any getting around it. You can put the blower outside, but it's still noisy.

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HomeChef59- what type of Vent-a-Hood, If I am getting one of those, I am leaning toward the M Series.

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Ok, So I was just comparing the sones on the vent-a-hood vs the Zephyr Monsoon. The Sones has to do with the noise, the vent-a-hood at high is 13 sones, the Zephyr is 3.5-9 .

I would think that comparing these 2, it indicates that the Zephyr is quieter? Although, LOL!! Not sure this is the correct way to read this??!! Anyone have more info on this?

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Mine is older Model B200CN. Looking at their online catalog the most similar current model is the Wall Mount NPH 18. Mine has two blower/magic lung units. Remember, you can downsize your Vent-a-Hood when comparing it to standard hood units. It's all in the manual.

The really nice part is you can always get parts for it. Not that you will need them. It's pretty sturdy.

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bicyclegirl- I did purchase the Zephyr Monsoon II, I found it at a decent price, at least $1,000 bucks less than the I jumped.
Will be delivered tomorrow, and sit in the box for a few more weeks! :)
Glad that part is on to the next selection!
Still want to see photos when you get yours installed!

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Way to go, Gaby! Feels good to find a deal, doesn't it? Especially when we're spending so much on a project.

I wish I could say that my hood would be up soon, but I have a feeling it's not going to be until after the 1st of the year, at the rate things are going. I do see progress, so that's good, but not fast enough. When you get yours up & going, come back & let me know what you think...& post a pic or 2, as well!

Good luck on the rest of your kitchen, too!

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Here is a websight that is dedicated to video to help customers in the decision making process/. without video it is hard to determine what the advantages are to a vent a hood

Here is a link that might be useful: video instruction on vent a hood

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We chose the Broan Elite RMIP Insert- 850 cfm for over the Thermador 36 inch - 6 burner range top. It was installed 2 weeks ago and exhausts directly through the side wall. .
We are happy with it. Quiet and does a great job
It is 33 inches above the Thermador
The cabinet extension to cover the tubing will go to the ceiling and will be installed after Christmas.

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I will post more photos...unfortunately...I do not know how to post more than one photo at a time.

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The cabinet doors open to allow access to the unit in case of servicing issues.

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A shot from a few feet away. We are obviously not finished yet...but sensing that there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Crown molding will hide the electrical wires.

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Pamela233, thanks for the photos! we are at the point to start the install of our hood. Trying to figure out measurements, height is easy as we will stay within range of recommendations.
but, did you do your install at the actual depth of the hood insert?

I have a 48" range, so the range hood insert is actually 54" , I have heard other express dislike that range depth is shallow and hood does not work efficiently for the front burners.

Did you take this into consideration? Thanks!

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Hi Gaby

I would Love to have a 48" range!! The 36" is the maximum our corner would allow without major structural changes and I did not want to go there...however, in my dreams....a great range, George Clooney, etc.

That being said....I am really happy with the efficiency of the hood. It does cover the front burners. I am training myself to remember to turn on the fan just before I turn on the range top....almost there!
I would think that you will be happy with your hood as long as the cfms are adequate.

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