New nail polish promises no chips

jannieJune 4, 2006

The holy grail of manicures: a home manicure where the polish won't chip within two days. I bought a new product last week, called Revlon Color Last. It consists of two bottles, one of color, the other of top-coat (no base). Instructions are to apply two coats of color (again, no base coat). Let dry, then apply one layer of the top-coat for shine and protection. I applied it Tuesday, and this is Sunday and my nails look pretty good. No chips, just some wear at the tips of three fingers of my right hand. I use my hands a lot for keyboarding,housework,gardening. I guess you could say I'm a normal person. Well, fairly normal . . . The bottle promised the manicure will last ten days. Well, I'm at six days and still going. I would recommend this product. I hope no one reports this , I am not advertising.

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I have a former co-worker who said the same thing about the same product. It wears like iron for her too.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I don't wear polish at all because it usually is chipped the next day. The only time I can ever keep polish on my nails is with fake nails and I'm not doing that any more!

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I use color last top coat the day after I get a manicure at a salon and it really helps extend it.

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I've used this product for about 2 years or so---I cannot bring myself to waste my time with any other product. It's fabulous (a little hard to remove, however...)

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