coffee help

den_sterNovember 7, 2002

sent my hubby to the store to get perculated coffee.And it taste GROUSE.would anyone know what i can put in this to make it at least really do not want to just throw it out if i don't have to.thanks Den

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What did he come home with? You don't say....
Linda C

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sorry about that,it was "nabob".

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If you really are determined to use the Nabob, then my suggestion would be to mix it with some stronger, preferrably freshly ground coffee beans. Do this until it is used up and then don't buy it again. LOL


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excellent suggestion, Ann. also, make your brew stronger, use more coffee grounds, I find the less expensive coffees need more grounds to release the taste, hence they are not inexpensive in the long run....
Nabob is not the worse tasting coffee though, I've had it before.

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