Best Radiant floor heat (mats..)?

slowdowntohurryupJanuary 31, 2012

Was looking to piece together a system over the net (probably buy the mats off of ebay) and was wondering which systems people like/use will be going under tile.

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I have the Nutone brand mats and the mats purchased from Costco. The Nutone has a better-easier controller, but the Costco mats function the same and I can't tell the difference between the two.

Just my 2 cents.

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Six and a half years ago, I installed SunTouch mats in my bathroom. They are still working well and I wouldn't have tile without them. I DIY'd them and found them to be a pretty easy install. I recommend the programmable thermostat.

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they are all good. They all heat. There is no difference.

if you want to study things, look at the thermostat that will go with it.

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I have Easyheat by warm Tiles. It's fine. I like it -- actually I love the warm floor. However Davidro makes a good point. The thermostat on mine is difficult to decipher.

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thanks for the replies...i did notice the difference in the thermostats online (havent put my hands on any yet) but the warmly yours was my initial pick (thermostat wise) - but suntouch was mat wise...

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Search this forum for "heated floors" and you'll see several threads that ask (and answer) the same question. Lots of good info from those of us who have gone before.

We used Warming Systems.

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I assume it's OK to mix wires/mats from one brand and thermostat from the other? I plan to get Suntouch Warmwires and Aube TH115-AF-120S thermostat, simply because found a good deal on it. I know Warming Systems sells this thermostat with wires as a package, but I can't get from them the linear length of wires in the spool (something Warmwires provides, and I need it rather than square footage). The Warming Systems installation manual says to use thermostat with built-in CFGI, but the thermostat they sell (Aube TH115-AF-120S) doesn't have it. So is it OK to just connect it to already existing CFGI circuit or we need to install a dedicated line for floor installation?

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