Christmas party drinks

cmillerNovember 19, 2001

I am having a Christmas party and would like to serve apple cider and eggnog. What liquor is usually mixed with these drinks? I was thinking rum but is there another as well? I wanted this to be the only alcohol - perhaps I will also serve Champagne. Would it be okay to just have a carafe of rum on the buffet with regular eggnog and hot cider and guests can mix it themselves? How would you handle this? I want it to be very elegant. Des anyone know of a good Champagne that they would recommend - nice but not too pricey? Thanks for your help.

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If you want to be elegant,use rum in the cider and brandy in the eggnog.
For really cheap champagne, Andre Brut is my choice....for more moderately priced, I like Frixinet ( I may have spelled it wrong!!)...Always get the most "un-sweet" Champagne you can buy....unless serving for dessert.
Linda C

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For my wedding reception, which included a bonfire, I had a couple crock pots of warmed cider with an assortment of different flavored Schnapps on hand- butterscotch, cinnamon, can't remember what else offhand. It was a big hit. It's nice if you are serving folks who drink less frequently- more palatable than liquor to less experienced drinkers.

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Our family drink is called London Fog - its *really* good....

2 parts coffee
2 parts vanilla ice cream
1 part bourbon

Its best to make it a day or two ahead of time. My normal batch is Quart/Quart/Pint.


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