Need clear/non-glossy top coat/strengthener etc. for husband

lynnalexandraJune 26, 2006

I hope somebody here can help. My husband plays guitar - finger-picking style and his nails can't withstand the picking unless he wears a few coats of top coat. But all he's been able to find is glossy clear top coat. And glossy nails don't go over well during his conservative day job. So I told him I'd ask here for advice.

Are there any invisible (clear, non-glossy) products he can use to strengthen his nails? While he was looking for a top coat product, I think there may be other products to consider as well. Strengtheners or base coats, in addition to protective top coats.

My own nails break if I blink, so I have no experience to offer him. Any help is appreciated.

Lynn (usually on the cooking forum, but here a a couple of times about undergarments)

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How about this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Nails for Males

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or he could try Barielle products or use Solar Oil to strenghten his nails. (I swear by solar oil for great strong nails.)

I use Deborah Lippmann's Rehydrating Base Coat by itself. It's not super glossy, but has a bit more gloss that plain buffed nails.

PS. The Orly stuff contains toluene and formaldehyde which will probably make his nails worse, sorry.

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I used to use a product called Develop Ten. It went on matte and made my nails strong.

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OPI Nail Envy is available in a matte finish.

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Why doesn't he try using fingerpicks?

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I've been taking 500 micrograms daily of bioin (a B vitamin) for the past seven months. It was recommended here.

It made a big improvement in nail strength within the first six weeks and they also seem to grow a bit faster.

You both may want to try it. I checked for possible side-effects and there appear to be none.

(The tablets I got are 1000 mc and I just take half.)

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Oops -- can't believe I typed all that and mis-spelled the main word. It's BIOTIN!

And I was thinking, your husband is most likely a larger person than I am and might do well with 1000 micrograms of biotin. Can't hurt and could help.

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Thanks for all these responses. I passed on the names of the nail products and I think he's already ordered some of them.

As for finger-picks - I'm not sure why he prefers using his nails/fingers. I know he has fingerpicks, but doesn't usually use them. I don't usually pay close attention, but it's possible that he uses the picks more for classical/flamenco and prefers his own fingers/nails for jazz. I'll have to ask him.

Petaloid - thanks for that info on biotin. My husband is a supplement fiend, so if he's not already taking extra, I'm sure he'd be happy to try it.


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