Americh Beverly 404, where to buy, DIY modification ?

pfennigJanuary 3, 2012

I _thought_ I posted this successfully last night, but can't find it now -- apologies if I'm accidentally double-posting.

DW and I are about to renovate our master bath using the Americh Beverly 4040 (need a tub of those dimensions AT MOST, can't use anything larger -- and we happen to like the aesthetics and bathing style too :-).

Question 1: Where should we buy?

I found best price at anythingbathtubs dot com, which is a sister site to clickshopnrun dot com and eblowouts dot com. Appears to be a shopping portal to direct distributors, not a brick and mortar store itself. And I can't find any BBB entry or other 'it is real' confirmation of the site. I found one gardenweb post mentioning buying through clickshopnrun. Anyone know anything good/bad about this store?

Anyone recommend a different but good place to get a Beverly 4040 cheaply/quickly?

Question 2: Can/Should I DIY modify the brand new tub?

I couldn't care less about jets/lights/bubbles, but WOULD like to use it 'japanese style' -- keep it filled to soak DW and I (separately, given it's size) after cleaning in the shower. As such a small pump and inline heater would be a good idea to maintain water temp and/or reduce load on the house water heater.

Upgrading to the Builder series and adding the option inline heater would do that, but appears to essentially double the price of the tub from ~$1400 to more like $2600. Ouch!

Would it be a great/good/bad/terrible idea to drill it myself and add standard hot tub spa kit to it? Pump, heater, controler, air switch can be gotten for $500. The tub is acrylic so should be straightforward to drill and add a single inlet and jet just to heat the water, right?



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Ooops, meant Beverly 4040, not 404. Sorry bout that.

I do have room for a 'standard' all-together spa kit that will run off 110-120v, checked dimensions etc. The pump is the same 1hp as Americh claims etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beverly 4040 at anythingbathtubs

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anythingbathtubs appears to also be known as Luxury Plumbing Shack, luxuryplumbingshack dot com, and has also been selling on ebay as Fanshackoutlet? Still can't find much other info on them. A real person "Carol" did answer and answer questions, promise to contact Americh directly with a question and call me back, etc. She seemed competent etc, a good sign.

Apparently I'm also the 3rd person this week to inquire about a Beverly 4040 without overflow drain hole too (it will overflow into the shower).

Sorry about responding to my own post, I'll stop now :-/ promise.

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I'm considering the same tub, along with the Hydro Systems Fuji or the Neptune Nagano. All are 40 x 40 Japanese-style deep soaking tubs. I'm curious to know what you ended up doing about your tub. I'm also wrestling with gelcoat, acrylic, and fiberglass - and figuring out what's what with those materials.

Did you get the Americh Beverly, and if so, where and what was the cost?

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We did get the Beverly 4040, from QualityBath dot com. They had the lowest price, $1711 for the Builder level tub plus $261 for the inline heater plus $130 for the tile flange. Their customer service was excellent as well -- they had no problems getting the details exactly right (special order of no overflow hole, button in the right location), and called me back quickly to confirm options. AND they called me back to let me know that Americh was doing a limited time special of the Luxury level tub plus upgraded quiet motor for only a little more than my package. So I upgraded. I didn't get the impression that they were doing a hard sell, they were just going the extra mile to get me a good deal. I was very satisfied.

The Beverly tub itself is fantastic. It appears to be virtually identical to the Fuji you mentioned (though I think the Beverly is cheaper). The Nagano is octagonal, so not an apples-to-apples comparision. The Nagano would only work in very specific scenarios (in-floor mounted), and I don't personally like the aesthetics too much.

The Beverly definitely looks bigger in person than I expected. I think I'm an, ah, hm, average sized american, and DW and I can both fit in the Beverly at the same time. It saves water that way and it's not even uncomfortable -- because the tub is so deep you're both practically floating anyway.

Tubs this size do use a lot of water -- we have a 50 gal GE hybrid electic water heater (fantastic BTW), and one adult in the tub can drain all the hot water from it. We have two children who love the new tub too, but after draining the water heater they don't displace enough water to even cover the jets properly. We're considering getting an additional 'standard' electric water heater to install in series and increase our capacity.

Our tub is installed IN our shower -- both are side by side behind frameless glass enclosure (getting installed next week hopefully), so you have to go through the shower to get into the tub. This makes a great space saving solution for us, we wouldn't have been able to fit any other type of tub in our space. Well, not if we wanted our shower more than about 24 inches wide, the way it was pre-remodel.

Overall, very happy with the tub, very happy with the seller. Despite the water usage, still makes more sense to us as a way to bathe (upright and deeeeeeep). If I had my druthers, I'd still prefer a tub without the all the jets, just one jet and an inline heater. But happy.

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Thanks so much. I'm in the process of designing our master suite, with a steam shower on one wall and ofuro tub in an alcove overlooking the forest. I need to decide and order the tub before finalizing the plan, in order to get estimates from the plumber, electrician, and tile guys.

Your arrangement of tub inside your shower wall sounds really nice and I wish I could design that way, but that would make the cubic feet of the steam shower too big and it would cost too much more for tile. I'm also considering an on-demand heater for the tub, so much research and many decisions.

Thanks for the name of your vendor, I'll check them on Monday for any current deals. Since you posted about the Beverly quite a while ago I wasn't sure you would see this right away. I appreciate your response.

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pfennig, do you have pictures of your bathroom?

I have tentative plans for a similar design that you used and would love to see it actualized.

Can you give me the dimensions you had to work with?

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Pics (first time posting pics, hope I do this right):


The bathroom is 10'5" by 8'10"

The old bathroom had an approx 26" wide shower on the right and a 'normal' sized jetted tub in the middle. Shower was no fun to use, and jetted tub had bad bearings and a broken controller. And it would be impossible to pull the old motor out and replace it without cutting pipes. Not to mention the wonderful brown and gold scheme, lol. Here's a pic from early demolition that should give you an idea:

Here's the new bathroom. Beverly 4040 tub, Danze Parma series fixtures. HomeDespot sale tile, marble from Floor&Decor. Ikea vanity/faucets/mirror/cabinet.

Glass should get here around end of week. No steam generator other than water, but will be largely steam-shower style -- frameless glass all the way to ceiling, operable transom above the door.

New bathroom

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Thanks for posting the photos. Very Japanese with the shower adjacent to the tub. Lots to like in your new bathroom!

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