Reply needed! -- Shelf life of unopened Grand Marnier

livvysmomNovember 8, 2006

My DH is giving me grief because I donated an unopened bottle of Grand Marnier to a charity auction. I received the bottle probably as long as three years ago.

He thinks it was "too old" to donate. Because it was unopened and stored in a kitchen cabinet -- I think it would be fine.

Any thoughts? It can't give anyone food poisoning can it??

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I am thinking the shelf life on something unopened in the way of alcohol would be something like ....FOREVER. I don't think there are food poisoning worries...

Just checked my bottle of grand marnier - no dates so I checked their website. It recommends using an opened bottle within 1-2 years for best taste, but you can use an opened bottle of grand marnier for 8 count them 8 years and that's an open bottle. I guess you could keep an unopened bottle forever. It is in the cognac family so I guess it just keeps getting better if it is unopened?

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I keeps forever!
Linda C

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