homemade kahlua

darbieNovember 6, 2007

My 27-year-old son just made homemade kahlua for Christmas presents. When we looked at the bottles a few days later there were strange crystal formations inside. I want to pour it all down the drain and start over. He wants to know if it is safe to consume and how to avoid when he makes the next batch.

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Of course it's safe.....didn't he put enough vodka in there it kill anything?
The crystals are just sugar that has crystallized out. Not to worry....it's fine.
How to avoid it? Maybe less sugar....?
But I would just ignore it.
Linda C

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I thought I would pour it out and heat it again then let it cool before rebottling. It looks scary like a bad science experiment so I don't think he can give it as a gift.

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In my home any of these "home made" food items that are received as gifts end up going straight to the garbage. I don't want to eat anyone's "experiment" in creativity, especially canned goods. Some people just do not know things like that you don't make chile or tomatoe sauce in a big aluminum pot or you shouldn't use trash bags or lawn and leaf bags to store food products. They don't know proper temps to kill bacteria or to measure the PH of things. They don't wear gloves when preparing things.

No thanks. Off to the dumpster they go.

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