black skirt, what color hose?

bnjmomJune 10, 2006

I bought a great suit for the spring/summer. It's got a bright green jacket with a scarf sewn in. The scarf is black background with white daisy-shaped flower heads and the bright green in the center of the flower. Buttons on the jacket are green with black trim. Black also trims the sleeve and lapel. The skirt is solid black and knee length.

Black shoes, right? But what color hose? I have no fashion sense. I am fair skinned so bare legs aren't gonna look good, trust me. Mostly I'll be wearing this to business meetings but was thinking about wearing it to a wedding coming up.

Please help!

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I'd wear black hose but as you can see I'm also asking questions about fashion on this forum. LOL

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I'm not a fashion guru but what I've noticed in the last few years is that a natural tan leg color, very thin hose, seems to be in fashion. Black hose is seen less.

I think it stems from the bare leg fashion; I try to find a color that looks as close to what my legs should look like , if they were lightly tanned and even ( which they are not !)

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The trend is towards a more natural look leg so I would second what mitchdesi said.

If your legs are heavy then an off black would be more slimming but not as in style.

You could also use tanner on your legs and leave them bare.

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Thank you!! My legs are not heavy but they're pale! I wouldn't feel comfortable, I don't think, with nothing on them. I'm 43- maybe I'm just too old or out-of-style.

So you're suggesting nude hose with black shoes, right? I had been taught (7 years ago...) about being monochromatic for a slimmer, taller, better look so I'd have gone with the black but that's why I'm here - to learn from you guys.

Again, thanks!

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