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Sunny66November 20, 2001

Has anyone ever used this kit to make their own microbrews? I was wondering if it worked and how the beer tasted. The kit is cheap (around $30) and I think it would make a nice gift if the beer is decent.

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I have brewed five or six beers with a brew kit. I'm not sure what the Mr. Beer kit contains, but my kit was a five gallon food grade plastic bucket, an enamel coated pot, a hydrometer, bottle caps, a capper, and a plastic bubble stop. The quality of the beer depends on the malt extracts and recipes that are used. Beware of old prohibition recipes that call for pounds of sugar. I prefer to use only four ingredients.
Malt (barley), hops, yeast, and water. If you want to brew a low quality beer such as Coors or Bud Light, you can save money by adding very little malt, and add corn sugar, rice , or anything cheap that will ferment. I brewed beers from recipes from books, and also my own recipes. Most of the beer was excellent.

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I have used it a few times and the beer comes out ok. But you may check to see if you have any local homebrewer stores in your area they are poping up all over. I purchased a kit about $10 more than mister beer and made far better beer for less money than buy the Mr Beer mixes.

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