Reed & Barton, rhinestone thing & others odds

Katrinka_FidoJuly 31, 2011

Several items from mom's estate I'd like 'proper' names please. era? any value? Still weeding out things & cant research if don't know what it is called. Not even going to attempt shining tarnished Reed & Barton ???dish? The bottom markings have numbers & a single candle in a holder above & an 'A' in a circle below. The rhinestone thingy has braided metal of some sort..what is it? Guessing the next metal thing is a bobbins? Any idea of time frame or what kinda machine held a bobbin like that(if a bobbin)? OK, the silver thing that looks like a tweezer on one end has a sharp point and swivels-other end has a hole in it-what is it? Not looking for a value of the HUGE Master key...would have been to WHAT? Thanks in advance for ANY info.

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The dish is I am sure you know. That is one thing you could safely dip if you want to...there is no design to take the oxidation out of...but I don't think it has much redeeming social value..LOL!
That cylindrical brass colored thing looks like a wax seal....are there initials or a design on one end?
Could that thing with the sharp point be an awl of some sort?
That last item is a bottle opener....what does it say on it?
Linda C

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I knew the Reed & Barton Dish,Bowl is plated but from what era(weird plastic legs)? The brass thing I thought was a bobbin because there are a couple more with thread around them, hole in one end & a worn down nub on the other. The pointy thing has me baffled, I don't think an awl-tweezer like other end and the flip side of the 'pick' end has a center hole. The last item has NORTHMORE HOME PRODUCTS, MASTER KEY Pat Pend Highland Pk, Ill. What about the Rhinestone thing?

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I'm still not grasping about the where the hole is located in the pick end of that little tool. Do you mean a hole in the shaft like it could be threaded like a needle down near the tip?

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Here is another pic of the WHATEVER IT IS-flipped pointed end over.

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didn't know those plastic things were attached to the silver dish...perhaps it's just a bad 70's thing?
The rhinestone thing looks like a brooch or clip with the back missing....and I think the pointy thing has something to do with weaving, sewing or perhaps leather work.
The lin k below shows all I can find about that bottle opener...

Here is a link that might be useful: opener thing

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Anyone else have an opinion on tool thing? If the stone item had a back it would have had to encase the entire thing(which would have cover braided silver edge) since it is flexible and would have folded over if just a pin attached. Measures 4 1/2 x 2 1/2, isn't that kinda big for a brooch? Any idea on era? I believe it isn't an antique but it was and is a collectible. Don't mean to be a pest just want to know more.

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I think there was a bar with a pin running along the center "panel" on the back.
What do you mean by flexible?...Like not rigid or really floppy?
Could maybe have been an inset on a dress or purse?

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Like not rigid. Say if a bar pin ran lengthwise it would have sorta flexed out if you bent over but if ran width it would have flexed out more so. I just dont see an area that isn't smooth on the back where it would have attached. Now a dress or purse insert sounds like a possibility.

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I was thinking the same thing as already suggested, that the rhinestone item may have actually been sewn onto a hat or purse (something not cleaned often and then professionally) and therefore never had a pin or rigid backing. I inherited a lot of rhinestone costume jewelry from a friend of my mother when I was a little girl. It was a big thing in the forties and even fifties on everything from hats to evening wear. I see that it is pronged to hold the stones, and that may mean it's a little better quality than some I've seen merely glued into a setting. It's very interesting and rather pretty but other than that, I'm not a jewelry buff and totally clueless.

I assume the little tool swivels so that the pointed end can revolve and be moved to any angle on its pivot? I'd guess the tweezer looking end is merely a handle of some sort to grasp it. It surely looks like some sort of center punch or scribe but not anything I am familiar with.

I've seen that brass spindle before and can't bring it up where.

Interesting little collection of curiosities and I imagine my mother's kitchen 'junque' drawers are full of similiar items she saved because she thought there may be a use for them down the line. Good luck.

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Those legs are lucite and a MCM collector might like it. I like the colorful enameled plate pieces. But if you want to sell it, shine it up=and not with some dip. Just use Wright's. The other stuff looks eh? to me.

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Perhaps the rhinestone "broach" was sewn to the front of a cloth-covered belt with the actual closing mechanism (a snap or two?)in back of the dress? It reminds me of black, peau de soie dresses from the 1950's.

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