ISO Kahlua recipe

connie0751November 9, 2006

I used to make Kahlua years ago and want to make some again. The recipe I had (and liked) called for putting the vanilla bean into the vodka and letting it set for a couple weeks and then add the "cooked" coffee, sugar and water. Does anyone have this recipe? All I can find anywhere are the quicker versions or ones where you make it all at once and then let sit. TIA!

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here's one we make using espresso. regular coffee didn't seem strong enough. maybe this is what you are looking for?

1 cup espresso coffee
1 cup sugar
2 cups vodka (80-100 proof)
1/2 vanilla bean split lengthwise

Brew a fresh pot of espresso (or a very strong coffee). Add sugar, make certain it is all dissolved and let cool. Once cooled, add the vanilla beab and the vodka. Transfer to a bottle (we use a dark glass bottle). (For the first week or so, we shook the bottle to make certain all the sugar was completely dissolved) You can let it sit anywhere between two to four weeks. When it's done, remove the bean and strain it into a clean, new bottle.

I have one going now. it's keeping my lemoncello company. At thanksgiving, i'll make an italian cream liquer that will be served on christmas.



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The only place you are going to ge a Kahluha recipe is from Pernod Ricard if you contact them, and I highly doubt if they are going to share their recipe and technique.

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That's just so...not!

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Hi Maryanne,

Thanks for the Kahlua recipe. I too used to make it, but haven't in years.
Would you share your Italian Cream liquer recipe? That sounds wonderful too.

Thanks, LinJoh

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Leaveswave, Kahlúa is a brand name for a coffee liquer. It has its own recipe that the producers are not going to share.

There are many other coffee liquers out there for sale, most notably Tia Maria and Pahsa, and also many, many other "off" brands available.

You may be able to make something with a coffee recipe, but it is NOT Kahlúa and won't taste anything like it.

And BTW you can't make Bailey's either, for the same reason, although you can make any number of types and tastes of Irish cream liquer, each having their own unique taste.

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bud_wi: Do you also feel the need to lecture people who ask for a Kleenex or Q-Tip instead of a facial tissue or cotton swab? Using a brand name in this context is common and accepted in colloquial English, and there's no need to be a dick about it.

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