Is poor capture depth better than nothing?

bayareafrancyJanuary 3, 2013

Hi all,

I've been working on my modest 1928 kitchen restoration since around 2007 or so. Just typing that date makes me feel faint. i've been almost done for years now, with one exception: I've never found a hood that meets my needs.

My needs?

1. Low price. I'm a regular person of modest means. In my world, hoods are pricey when they hit 1000.00. there is no way I will ever find a hood for my set up on that price range, so TheHusband has agreed to 1800ish max.

2. Vintage styling. My space is mostly 1928 original. My stove is a hulking 1950's O'Keefe and Merritt. The hood MUST look right. For years and years I pleaded with Modern Aire to make me a hood I could afford, but alas, they couldn't.

3. Difficult capture area. My big, deep OKM stove is configured to really need a 27" deep hood. That isn't available to satisfy 1 and 2.

So after years of hood-inducd melancholy, I stumbled upon the hood shown in my photo. It is by Imperial, and I can get it in white for about 1800.00 with around 700cfms. A dream come true at last? I actually teared up a bit. Scallops? Scallops?? I never dared to even dream of scallops!

Since a standard type hood, it would be 24"deep. Which barely reaches the edge of my front burner. When a 12" pan is on that burner, 24" will cover maybe 2/3 of the pan.

But this is my last hope. So 24" it must be!
I went online to order.

Oh no! It is only 22" deep!!!!! That doesn't even cover the empty burner.


Should I even bother? Is it a waste of 1800$? is it better than my current alternative, which is nothing? I barely cook anymore on my beloved stove because the wall and shelving by the stove need constant cleaning. I don't stir fry, but if I am cooking, there is usually butter/oil and a fry pan involved.

(I can't bump the hood out, because there are no cabinets on the wall.)

(Stove is 39 wide, and hood would be 42")

many thanks for your advice.


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24" or even 22" is definitely better than nothing. My hood is only 19" deep and while it isn't perfect, it works really, really well - it's 600 CFMs and I rarely use it on high. The only issue is that I do get some amount of grease on the front outer part of the hood - but it's not that bad and easy to clean. you'll definitely suck up most of the smoke, grease and odors.

Have you checked out Kobe hoods. You can get them for less than 1K but they may not meet your style needs.

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So good to hear! Thank you!


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Francy, have you looked into a liner with a carpenter building you a wood surround? You could probably come out cheaper that way. And you could do scallops. :)

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GD: i haven't. Good carpenters seem to cost a fortune out here (san francisco bay area). The one i used to copy my vintage cabinets was reasonably priced but seemed dishonest and did some shoddy work. Such a stressful experience.

Added emphasis: The front edge of my front burner is about 25" from the wall. So the capture area of a 22" deep hood is not good. I can put it about 30" above stove--or even lower, since shallow. 1800$ doesn't include installation (need all new ductwork). So frustrating. I feel thwarted at every turn. Sometimes think I should give up, and just mop the wall once a week.

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With all your prior searches, you have come across Northstar probably (no affiliation). They too have a retro hood:


Model 1962 (outside-vent) features a four-speed (500, 640, 720 & 800 cfm.) fan, and dual 20 Watt halogen lights.

Model 1961 (recirculating) features a four-speed (150, 200, 330 & 400 cfm.) fan, and dual 20 Watt halogen lights.

Available in the same cool colors as Northstar ranges and refrigerators.
Approximate Retail Price: $1,100 US

Spec sheet says exterior vent hood depth is also 22":

Just in case: maybe they could custom a 42" for you.Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Indeed, I have seen the Northstar. Alas, no 42". also has their big logo on the front (i'm a no-logo kind of gal. Except for the one on my dear stove.)

Thanks tho!


Btw, here's an old photo of my stove.

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Like money, some hood is better than no hood. But wait, there's more...

If you space the hood and its ducting out from the wall to capture the rising and expanding effluent from the cooktop front burners, and then put an angled plate (stainless steel, but could be hot temperature painted, or alternatively some material that was tiled) between the hood back edge and the wall, angled so that rising effluent reflects off of the plate and upward into the hood, the overall capture will improve. The angle has to be shallower than 45 degrees (to vertical) or the effluent will tend to be directed toward the cook.

It is important to ensure that the upward momentum of the vapor and grease particles is retained because hoods (that you could work near without ear protection) do not suck up what the pans emit. They just remove what rises into them (if working properly).


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Don't give up! I found my ideal range hood. It is 27 inches deep, looks very neutral, almost similar to the one you found, and I lucked out with a factory overstock and paid 200 (not a typo) for a thermador that retails for 1500, now that doesn't include the blower that is another 700. Check thermador webpage, even at retail they should have what you are looking for at close to your budget

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Although some hood is better than no hood, be aware you may be frustrated by too large a compromise. I have the dreaded over the range microwave. It does not have a good capture area and is very noisy when used as a hood.

Looking at Craigslist in the SF Bay region did show some 42" wide hoods. Although they tended to be in stainless, you likely could have one powder coated white. To get a little retro look some stainless strips could be added. You may be able to mimic some aspects (the upper chrome piece) or even find an actual piece from an old stove.

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I'm not sure what the upcharge would be, but I am looking at Imperial hoods and their literature says custom sizes are available - just call. It might be worth calling Imperial to see if you could get the same style with a 27" depth.

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Fori is not pleased

Poor capture depth is way better than what you've been using but 1800$ is a lot for poor capture depth.

Have you checked island hoods? They cost more but you're already stuck with that. Don't know what your ducting situation is of course...

Have you priced out the hood liners with custom surrounds? I know your cabinet maker was sucky (all of them?) but there are more out here. I don't know if they would take on a small job or if it would be affordable but you could probably tell after a call/email or two. I used a cabinet maker in Fremont who did not stink and I would trust to do a wood hood surround provided you gave enough stylistic guidance. (I also used a stainless guy in SF who was reasonable.)

You could maybe use your BIL (was that who it was? Wow. 2007? :P) and tell him you want it 30". Then you might end up with 27!

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Fori: I'm dying laughing! You remember my BIL??

If Imperial could custom for a price I can pay, that would be wonderful. I've been afraid to ask, but I guess I'd better.

Ideally, I want metal (glossy white powdercoat). And scallops make me weak in the knees. If I had cabs on the wall, wood would be an option. And if cabs, I could bump out a hood. But no cabs in my future.

I haven't even mentioned the labyrinth-like ducting that will travel the 20 feet out the roof. It is less than ideal in the extreme. capture depth might be the least of my worries.

Ok, I'll just say it: 20 feet. 90 degree turn into the wall (direct rear vent hoods don't meet my price or style points), 45 degrees up, 45 degrees again at some point. then up. 8" or equivalent square.

let me take a moment to stamp my feet and fuss that If I could afford a $&@ modern aire hood, I could have rear vent, perfect style, perfect capture, etc, etc. PERFECT!




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THIS is "all" I need! (but it costs 4x as much as my stove did!)


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Fori is not pleased

And that doesn't even cover the range!

Can't you do your stinky stuff on the back burner?

Or can't you do a non-cabinet bump out? Put some 2x4s into the studs, attach the hood to those, and cover the bump with drywall or even nice molding.

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Or tile as as kas sugested. Note his comments about an angled plate (a fairing) at the back to keep from creating a goo catcher at the back of the hood.

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I have a similar venting concern/issue. There is one Imperial hood that I like. It is wall mounted stainless steel, but looking at the documents, it is only 20 1/8" deep. That seems awfully shallow for a hood. We have a Wolf AG range oven.

I called and talked to the people there who were very nice. They suggested that I could use an island hood - but that is 28" which is TOO deep. But then they also suggested that since this is a chimney style hood, we could mount it 2-3" away from the wall. They would simply cover the back of the chimney with stainless for a small fee (not too bad). I'm wondering if this might work. I loose 2-3" in the back but the back range burners are in 2-3" anyway and I gain it up front where most of the cooking is done anyway. Is this silly? I like the style and price of this model but like bayareafrancy I don't want to waste $1800.

Here is a link that might be useful: Imperial Hood

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For laurat88, I can't speak to all stoves, but with ours we get steam/oil/etc. up against the wall and I would not be willing to have a gap there--our burners are also set in a few inches, but if a big pot is on them, the vents are just barely covering it. For that price it seems like a very awkward solution. I'd rather keep it against the wall and just have it be shallow--but with a higher BTU stove (ours is an old vintage one) and an $1800 price tag, I would probably keep looking for a better fit.

For Francy, looks like this is an old thread that bounced up, but if you haven't figured it out yet, our neighbors have a Vent-A-Hood over their 40" vintage stove that they've been very happy with since remodeling 7 or 8 years ago. VAHs seem to have a mixed reputation here but theirs has worked out well and matches pretty perfectly.

We gave up on the vintage look and just did a stainless chimney hood, but I will say that the 20.5" depth and 35.25" width over a 34.5" stove, while less than what's recommended by the "rules," has been fine for us. YMMV of course!

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