3 Decanter tantalus?

valmont325July 24, 2012

I picked this beauty the other day, but cant find any info on this exact one. All of the tantalus's that i have found do not have other shelves, and no reflective backing. I came with a lock (to lock the glasses up) lock says "Walsco" and i know they are an old well known mini lock co. The whole thing itself weights a good 12+lbs, but that's all i know. Any ideas on value or make?

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It does have a reflective back. I see the reflection of your hands.

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Yeah i know....i said the OTHERS i found do NOT have that.

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The lock does not look like it belongs to me.....and of course the design is very unusual as you say.
How big are the bottles? Could it possible be a cave a liquor with the glasses missing and the lock replaced?
Linda C

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Bottles are estimated 8 1/2" (h), 2 1/2" x 2 1/2

Its possible it could be a cave a liquor. Mine appears to be used to Hang on the wall and or sit upon a table.

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That lock appears to be an ordinary modern, low cost, padlock. Not enough detail to tell. Its possible the original did not have a lock, but had provision for the owner to add his own lock as desired. From a design viwepoint, an original lock would have had a brass colored body to match the other brass parts.

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