what is this tool?

charlie_cabinetmakerJuly 3, 2011


my wife uses this cast iron ebay find to put a pattern into whole grain crackers. it may have been a kitchen implement, or concrete tool, or????


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Dimensions help. It looks like an old fashioned dot roller, for roughing concrete but I've never seen one quite this small.

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Yeah, could be the stair step version of the concrete dimpler.

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Looks like a meat tenderizer to me

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Calliope is correct. That is a concrete dot roller. Little hand jobs like that were pretty common actually. Typically used when doing the final floating/finishing of concrete. If you overdo the final floating, it tends to draw the cement to the surface and cause "neat cement" that peels off later, or leaves an un-uniform "glossy" spot on the surface. A hand dot roller or line roller comes in pretty handy to remix the surface cement and sand "on the fly" that may not necessarily require a full sized dot roller.

They were also used among potters I believe.

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Well, gee- you could have at least left the photo up until the post left the first page...

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