Grind and brew coffee makers

chickadee__3aNovember 30, 2007

Like so many people I'm always looking for that elusive "perfect cup of coffee". We grind our own beans and use an automatic drip pot. I'm interested in some opinions on various grind and brew coffee makers. Does anyone out there have one and what are your thoughts on it? TIA for any info.

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I can't belief no one has responded to this. Let me be the first. I also am always looking for the perfect cup of coffee. Used to have the Capresso (with the grinder). It made good coffee, but when something broke, Capresso had us send it back and sent us a replacement. Turned out to be a USED replacement which didn't impress me very much. We then went to the Melitta Grind & Brew which we loved. Bought it off Amazon for $50, liked it so much we bought another just to have (price went up to $60). Good thing we did, because the little Melitta lasted for 1 year. We then opened our stashed Melitta, and that is currently dying on us, after only 2 months! I've been doing a lot of research on this, decided to try the Krups 10-cup grind & brew which I will get next week and will let you know what I think. It got good reviews from what I found on the web. FYI, the Capresso was hard to clean and the Melitta, because it doesn't require filters, was also hard to clean and the mesh basked actually separated from the plastic casing (which was our fault because we had to bang it on the side of the garbage because we don't have a garbage disposal - on septic system here). I will let you know how I like the Krups!

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