Henna For Hair Color

bwyjewelJune 12, 2007

My hair is naturally dark brown and would rather not use regular hair color and continue damaging my already thinning hair.

Can anyone recommend what color Henna to use? I don't want to go with black - just a little lighter.

Also, anyone that has used henna color instead of regular color, have you noticed a difference in hair texture?


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There is no such thing as black henna.

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Then how come I saw it in a beauty supply store this morning? They have black, dark brown, light brown, etc.

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Products sold as "black henna" or "neutral henna" are not made from true henna, but may be derived from indigo or cassia, and may contain unlisted dyes and chemicals. You run the risk of contact dermatitis as what they are calling "henna" is probably PPD. I have posted on this before in this forum. Do a Google. Concentrations of p-phenylenediamine (PPD) found in the "black henna" paste studied at the NYU School of Medicine this past summer contained nearly ten times the amount allowed in hair dye.







Henna is a plant that can only produce an orange dye. If you saw "black henna" being sold they are trying to fool you.

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bud_wi I am so glad I read this post. Last time I had my hair done I had a horrible reaction to the hair color. Itchy for more than a week and it began when they first applied the color. I suspect PPD but my allergist is going to do a patch test on my back this coming Monday to see what exactly the irritation was from. So I've been contemplating henna and read online that it comes in more colors than just red. My hair is light brown (well, gray without color) and I have the gray roots and I'm dying about what am I going to do??!! Any suggestions out there?

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