Need a haircut that suits my round face....

telly2June 22, 2006

Would love to hear from someone with experience in designing a cut for a round face....My hair is naturallly curly, except for around the crown & bangs, where it's poker straight.Shoulder length, fine and thick. I'd like to keep the length, since I'm partial to wearing ponytails and chignons. I've read that the ideal cut for this face shape would have heighth on the top and stay close to the face on the sides...this sounds suspiciously like a mullet to me ! Right now I don't have any layers to speak of. Any suggestions ?

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I've been using for a really long time. It's ~$14 per 6 months. You can upload a picture of yourself and try on thousands of hairstyles, and even change the color. Each style says if it's good for fine, medium or coarse hair, and for thin, medium or thick density (I'm a wavy fine thin with long face girl myself). It will also mention good face shapes for each cut. You can also ask for recommendations. I really do print out the pics and take them to my hairdresser. She thinks it's hilarious, but I've never been surprised about how a cut looks on me.

Here is a link that might be useful: The

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I like too. It's worth it and I let all of my friends use it too. Worth the price to me.

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This is probably not what you're waiting to hear, but it's possible to just make the decision not to camouflage, which is what designing a cut for a particular face shape really is. Why not just choose a style that really appeals to you without worrying about whether it goes with a round face?

The theory behind choosing a hairstyle for a particular face shape hinges very much on the idea that other-than-oval face shapes fall short of the ideal. Supposedly, a certain style will make a face appear less like what it really is and more like the ideal. In other words, there's something inherently wrong with round (or square). I think that's a fairly outdated way of thinking about it and I'm surprised that it still gets offered up as real advice.

I say this because I have an exceptionally round face (the very definition of), and after months of trying to find a short style that met the descriptions in magazines for what a round face "needs", I finally admitted that my personal style is NOT a round face style, and that I'd never find a style I liked if I stuck to what the experts recommended. Instead, I bought a magazine for short haircuts and went through circling all the styles that especially appealed to me, reviewing them about once a week and narrowing the options as I went, until I had only one left. I took that photo to a stylist and I now have hair that I'm absolutely thrilled with.

Yeah, my face is obviously round, there's no disguising it with this cut; but, that's my face. Even if you got a clever layered style that's ideal for "cutting in" the sides of your face, the first strong breeze would erase that effect. I say choose something you like just because you like it, go on out into the world proudly round-faced, and give those oval-shaped ladies something to envy.

Um, is this a soapbox I'm standing on? Allow me to step down now and get out of the way. :-)

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