Best fitting bra minimizers

dawn_59June 26, 2006

I wear a 38 D and would like some suggestions for when I wear soft cotton shirts and don't want seams. I have tried the "Oprah Bra" and it is so padded that I stick out.I would like it to fit nicesly around the underarms too. Any help out there. Thanks

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I like this one. Not a minimzer, really. I wear a 38C and like the fit of this one and I think it's half the price of the Oprah one, which I also thought was too thick. Seemed to have its own source of gravity.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warner's®

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Thanks so much barnmom. It is a pretty bra - simple and a great color not to mention price. You made me laugh when you said the Oprah Bra has its own source of gravity. Why on earth was that darn, pricey bra so popular. It truly felt like I was wearing armour. Thanks also for the link. I should be able to find it in the store very easily.

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Just my size makes a minimizer bra in your size and I like it alot. Although I do not think it is a real pretty, or sexy bra, who cares if it supports you and minimizes. Wear a different bra for the sexy times! Plus it is only about $12 or $13 dollars. You can get it at Walmart, Target, ect. It will say minimizer on the front of the box. It's worth a try anyway. It is what I wear. I have a friend that bought a great bra for T-shirts at Walmart. I don't know which one she bought but she is a small C size. Good Luck.

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Hey, Joanie,
Thanks for the info. The price is a winner. Since I am a D
(oh, I wish I weren't) I think you are right. Get something that supports and save the sexy stuff for ----when you are feeling sexy!!!

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You're Welcome! I wish I wasn't a D either, you are my size. I'll tell you, I wish I could find a sports bra that held the girls still and smushed. I think I would get into running if I could. And the worst is the swimwear. I can wear any bottom piece from any store, but finding a top that supports, looks nice, and doesn't show everything I have is so hard. And the decent ones are so expensive. Let me know if you've had any luck in that department.

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Hey Joanie let's put it out there and ask about the sports bras. You use the right words - still and smushed. What if we wrapped ourselves mummy style with an ace bandage. I play tennis and it is a problem for me too. I'll write up a post and see what we get

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Though a mere C, I still find sports bras less than adequate. I wear a sport bra OVER a regular underwire bra. This seems to do the trick. I don't want the girls migrating into my artpits, so I stick with the underwire. I do cardio kickboxing.

Two sport bras might do the trick as well. I like the kind that zip up the front.

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And to think, women are willing to pay thousands of dollars to have this!! If they only knew!!! =8-0

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I posted over on the sports bra thread (and recommend champion jog bra - no wires, just snug-fitting material).

But I'm also looking for a good minimizer that's smooth. My favorite bras (olga suddenly smooth) was discontinued last summer. I bought up the few I could find. The wacoal minimizers really don't provide me with a good shape. The chantelle's did not fit at all. Bali underwires dig into my armpit.

Olga has a couple of other minimizers that are fairly good, but not smooth, so I can't wear them under a thin summer shirt. I'm amazed how different my breasts look in different bras and how no other bra has looked as good under clothes. I will try the Just my size ones and Warner's. Those were 2 I hadn't explored in my long search last summer.

Lilyette minimizers work well for some people (I forget what I didn't like about them).

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Don't you just love it when they discontinue a minimizer, probably the smallest minority of bra types and for the women who are the hardest to fit???

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I forgot my password and couldn't thank you all for your advice until now. I have printed out all of your good advice and will try some out. I do believe I am destined because of my heavy chest to wear a sports bra. I see many young girls who are heavy chested and wonder why clothes clothes styles are so tight. Anyway, thanks for the advice and I'll watch this posting for any new thoughts or in case you all have done any networking. Thanks, again.

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Just discovered this site, so I'm a little late on the upswing.

I have worn the Wacoal underwire bra for years. I am a large woman, 42 DD and it definitely minimizs my size. I also like that it is seamless. The only drawback is that it is expensive (at least to me), but I feel it is worth it because it definitely helps the fit and line of my clothes.

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Lilyette Minimizer style 418 best o ne on the market--makes a full DD look like a full c--its an amazing bra so of course, it was discontinued except on one website American Intimates--I put in an order and have not received it so don't know it they are legit or not!
I contacted the company today to find out if there has been an error.
The only other bra that is as good as this one was made by Venus and is style 7108--if you can find it. The only downside of these two fantastic bras is that they have a horizontal seam that shows in tight t shirts--but that is what gives the great shape. Lilyettes original minimizer still for sale does not have a seam and makes my bust look more rounded. I like the lift but also like when my sides are straight and not rounded past my body. The straighter line makes you look much thinner from the front and not so top heavy! Good luck fellow full busted women!

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The Goddess Smooth Simplicity bra may not be exactly called minimizer, but it gives the girls a better shape under button up shirts -- no crinkles. And it's seamless too, so there's not worry of the bra showing through the shirt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goddess bra

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I am a 38DD and have HEAVY breasts so I need a bra (minimizer or not) that has NON-STRETCH cups. I've tried so many and still can't find just the right one. Any suggestions? Also, I have to wear an underwire because of the heaviness but would also like a non-wire bra to wear around the house. By the time I get home from work, I just want to take off my bra and let the girls breathe!!! HELP......

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Still looking for the best minimizing bra....I really like the way Warners fits me so has anyone found a Warner's minimizing bra that works???

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Kaybee, I LOVE my Bali #3562, it helps the ladies stay in one place, is slightly padded, and it is the best I have found.

You can find a lot of them (new, not used! Yuck!) on eBay, so look there.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay link to the bra

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