Looking for advice on buying red wine

netlaNovember 16, 2006

I am planning to give some friends a bottle of wine for Christmas and I don't want to sound a complete idiot when I go to the wine shop to buy it, so tought I would ask for advice first.

I'm looking for a mid-priced red wine that's good with smoked and salted meats, and another one in the same price range that is good with roast lamb. Any suggestions?

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And....what's mid priced to you? And where do you live ( which determines what wine costs. Wine in Iowa is twice what it is in Illinois)
Linda C

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I buy table wines when giving a gift of wine, they are not sweet or too dry
and they go with everything
Are you sure the friends drink wine also?

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Your're putting the cart before the horse.

It won't do you no good, to go into a wine store with a shopping list of wines you read about in a blog or discussion board.

The wines you read about may not even be available in your area. Or may not be carried at the store you shop at.

Here is what you do...............Go to store...........Ask for help from someone who works there who knows the inventory...................Make your purchase.......Done.

You certainly won't be ther first person who came into a wine store and asked for assistance.

The people who work there love offering advice. Tell them your price range and needs. They will suggest appropriate wines that they carry. If you encounter a snotty attitude, or are only shown wines out of your price range, just go find another store.

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